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A History of Sex Dolls

A History of Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have made a big impact on the contemporary sex industry. The demand for sex dolls is increasing as people realize they can fulfill their sexual fantasies using sex dolls as the objects of their personal desires. A look back into history reveals that such dolls were being used centuries ago! Most of us think that sex dolls are only the latest development in the sex industry today, and that is partially true since the sex industry did not exist in the past as it is today. Sex dolls were used long, long ago, but they were not common. Nowadays, anyone has easy access to sophisticated sex dolls as long as they live in a country or region that doesn’t prohibit their use. Let’s continue our examination on the history of sex dolls.

17th century

17th Century, Sailors were most likely the first to use primitive sex doll versions. Sailing as a means of transportation, was relatively slow and most journeys by boat were quite long and difficult. For sailors, to spend so much time without the opportunity for sexual intercourse was a big challenge for them since it is a natural and common activity. This built up sexual frustration had few available outlets. Brothels by design, can address this issue, but are not frequently available, except in the occasional port of call along a ship’s journey.

Were it not for the ingenuity of a few 17th century sailing captains, this problem might never have been solved and the earliest version of the sex doll would not have ever been conceived. So, to meet this challenge, the crews were introduced to sex dolls as a means to fulfill their sexual needs during voyages. Obviously, those sex dolls paled in comparison to what

19th Century

The industrial revolution resulted in sweeping changes in every aspect of “modern” life, including the sex industry! Many new products were produced and distributed that were made from advanced materials such as plastic and rubber. Among these goods, some factory owners employed improved technology to produce “love dolls”. Demand for such an item was limited to a very few, mostly rich customers. These dolls were in better condition and more realistic as compared to those used by 17th century sailors, but still a far cry from what is marketed today.

World War II

A need for sex dolls was identified as Germany occupied many territories during the war. The leadership wanted their soldiers to have an available substitute without allowing sexual intercourse with “non-Aryan” women. To make this possible, inflatable sex dolls were made in significant quantities for the army to fulfill their sexual needs at that time. The German “sex doll” concept was the segue for modern industry to begin production of improved inflatable dolls. Although the materials were the same, improvements in their features separated them from previous models. Sex dolls were beginning to be used by common people for sexual satisfaction and amusement.

 Still, these dolls were still not realistic. Some manufacturers proposed using other materials and even developed “solid”, versus inflatable types. Cotton was a common material used on the new solid dolls, but inflatable dolls were still being produced. More and more interest in the solid dolls was expressed, so some companies started to design and produce these type of dolls on a larger scale.

The 1990’s

As technology advanced, many changes resulted in this era, specifically in the sex industry. New materials for solid sex dolls were being developed, such as silicon. What the old materials of rubber, plastic and cotton lacked in realistic appearance and feel, silicon, the result of years of scientific research and development, achieved a new level of realism for sex doll creation. Silicon gives an astonishing sensation and near perfect perception of human skin.

The 90’s marks the beginning of quality sex doll products. The main focus was to create a more realistic experience for customers. Faces, hair and eyes were dramatically improved as well as  the design of the actual sexual holes. They were made smooth and tight so customers could enjoy authentic sexual interactions. All these advancements fed the popularity of “sex dolls” and now an entire new wave of interest is growing for consumption of this product.

Since the beginning of 2000, there are a host of new features available for sex dolls, such as hairstyle & color, clothes, eye color, size and configuration of various anatomical parts, skin color, vagina type, pubic hair and much more! It’s up to you now to decide what sort of “person” you really have a desire to have sex with… And the advances keep coming. Even the skin of sex dolls can change temperature, just like a woman, while having sexual intercourse. And the latest change allows a doll to sense you inside her, which elicits a satisfied “moan” acknowledging mutual pleasure!

The Sex Industry and the Future

It is predicted that the business of sex will never stop in the field of advancements. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is just recently being integrated with sex doll technology. It is possible now to have a conversation with a sex doll during intercourse and your doll can learn from you and about you for future interactions and companionship. There are almost no limitations on what will be available for us, just down the road.

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