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Do You Know That The Search Volume Of Male Sex Dolls Is Higher Than That Of Female

Do You Know That The Search Volume Of Male Sex Dolls Is Higher Than That Of Female

Zlovedoll recently carried out research on which people are searching most between male sex dolls and female sex dolls and the results was quite surprising. According to google trends, Male sex doll have a total search of 56,200 while female sex doll is 8,900. Looking closely at this report, this reveals that about 84 per cent people search for male sex dolls in comparison to about 16 per cent people that are searching for male sex dull. A simple mathematic is enough to tell anyone that the difference is clear 68 percent point difference if I need to emphasize it. This result probably surprises you as much as it surprises us. However, we decided to carry out further research to discover the reason for this amazing upscale figure on male sex dolls. And Interestingly, one of the reasons for getting such high search results is that people are curious about the look of male dolls.

Let me first start by acknowledging the fact that quite a lot of people have seen one or two female sex dolls before. At least, if you haven’t come in direct contact with it, you probably have seen several pictures online even when the specific keyword you search for “sex doll”. That is however not the case for male sex doll. As a matter of fact, most sex doll manufacturing company produce very few male sex dolls.

This must have prompted a lot of people to be curious if there are male dolls at all and of course, how do they look like. How can it be active in sex, which kind of sex positions can it do, these must be the question ranging in everyone head before heading straight to search engine to search for male sex dolls.

Another interesting reason for the tremendous search volume for male sex dolls in compare to female sex dolls is because of female sex needs. Women also have a sex urge and one of the ways to satisfy their urge for sex is using sex dolls and toys. This has made quite a lot of ladies to seek means to fulfil their sex urge by constant searching for male sex dolls on the search engine.  

What exactly does male sex dolls look like

The male sex doll is just like the normal female sex dolls, though it is a little inefficient since it can’t be active as much as it should. For example, it is relatively poor when we are talking about sex positions that require men to be at the top like the conventional missionary, against the wall, standing position and doggy. However, it is superb for cowgirl rides and reverse missionary and ladies who like these styles and other similar styles will definitely enjoy this male sex dolls


The old conception that men are sex starved maniacs, and they are constantly denied of sex by women who would rather cuddle is just a fallacy of the 19th century and this conception is fading fast this day. It is now safe to say women are no longer under some traditional or society norms that restrict women’s sex drives and make it sound like a taboo.

Research now have it that women have higher sex drive than men and it is high time we started discussing the fact that women want more sex than men. Of course, this is not a shock to us, we have already taken our time to analyze the reason for the upscale demand for sex dolls from women than men. And that is exactly what we want to show you now

Erotic plasticity?

Erotic plasticity is the degree at which people sex drive can change based on a cultural and societal factor. There are two types of erotic plasticity: High erotic plasticity and low erotic plasticity.

Someone with high erotic plasticity can be influenced or change based on influences, situation, social and cultural factors. In contrast, someone with low erotic plasticity is said to maintain a relatively rigid sex drive and unsusceptible to change.

According to the female erotic plasticity hypothesis carried out by Social psychologist Roy Baumeister, women have higher erotic plasticity than men. Consequently, their sexual urge is flexible and responsive to factors like culture, religion, education, unlike men. 

Evidence and breakdown of the female erotic plasticity in Societal perception 

The societal perception or stereotype about the acceptable sexual behaviour of men and women have forced many women to adopt sex dolls to fulfil their sexual urge. Many societies believe there is nothing wrong when men have an insatiable urge for sex, but women should learn how to be reserved and keep their urge to themselves. Perhaps we should say almost nonsexual). 

DeLamter and Sill discover that effect and feelings towards the importance of sexual activity can have an impact on levels of sexual desire. According to the study, Women who say sexual activity is essential to their lives and relationships have a low urge for sex desire in contrast to women who place less emphasis on sexual activity. 

This reveals several women still hide their sexual urge to keep up with the old societal perception, thus, resort to sex dolls to fill their sexual urge. Of course, this wouldn’t be perceived as a taboo, since it is always a private relationship without any involvement of second or third party. 

Erotic plasticity in Religion perception – a sense of guilt?

A close study on the Catholic church discovers that catholic nuns are more successful at keeping their vows of celibacy than the male clergy. While some people think women can quickly adapt to such high non-permissive standards, some people believe that women are under close watch and supervision than men. 

To elaborate this further, the way people judge women who cheat on her partner is quite different from the way people judge a man who cheats on his partner. In fact, some people are of the opinion that men are rather praised for updating their body count. 

Looking it from another angle, some women often complained that the other person they are cheating with has this hidden judgmental perspective of them which add to their guilts, which is not the case for men.


Since women have been theorized to have a weaker sex drive in comparison to men, and they have learned to adjust to the social perspective on them. It is safe to say they’ve also learned to adapt substitutes or alternative forms of satisfaction, which are sex dolls and toys. With this, they don’t have to be accountable to any second or third opinion about them as they can easily get their sex dolls to help them satisfy their sexual needs. 

Furthermore, dolls don’t and can never get tired of sex, unlike the case of men. They can’t create any emotional trauma since there is no way they will cheat on the lady. Also, they are no need for fear of any STD since you 


Men and women are breaking beyond the shackles of shame for using sex dolls to satisfy their sexual needs. Of course, self-pressuring is a global thing and the act as old as the inception of the world. However, the development of sex dolls to enhance masturbation remains one of the most significant inventions in the sex industry. 

The whole idea behind the invention of the sex is to create companionship for both men and women with the options and variety of choice without the emotional disadvantages in a dating relationship. 

Furthermore, Sex dolls allow men and women to explore their sexual fantasies without the negative judgements that often tag them socially, emotional deviant or adulteress as the case may be. Plus it has helped a lot of people to improve their sex life. Ladies often get to understand their body better through sex with sex dolls, and men learn how to work on their sexual skills to improve their sex with their partner. 

Other advantages of sex dolls include

  • Readily available: The sex doll is always available throughout the day, and you can have sex with him or her at any time you want. It is not like a human who might not be in the mood when you feel like having sex,
  • Improves sexual performance: Sex dolls are great tools to use to learn how to improve your sexual performance, especially when you are shy to discuss it with your partner. This amazing adult dolls can serve as a good practice to enhance your sex in bed. Starting from the thrusting, pace, and the breath, the dolls give you enough opportunity to explore your sexual desire and get better at the skills. 
  • Reduces unfaithfulness: Talking about faithfullness and unfaithfulness in a relationsip, some people have several sexual partners who are ready to satisfy sexual needs. But if you want to stick to your partner but need to meet some sexual urge, probably when your partner is not around, then the sex doll is the way.
  • No strings attached: No matter how much you spend on your doll or how incredible your sexual power is, dolls will not fall in love with you, which will save you all those emotional distresses. And if you are in a relationship but need some medium to explore your sex life, sex dull will not destroy your relationship
  • Hit it raw: Most people enjoy having sex without protection, but the fear of STD forces them to wear a condom. Well, sex dolls are always private, and there are no chances of you contracting an STD or STI. Plus, sex dolls don’t get pregnant, so you can release your sperms there without any fear of pregnancy.
  • Saves you money: Keeping up with a relationship is always time and money consuming. You need to recharge your phone always to talk with her, buy valentine gifts, new year gift, birthday presents and many more. This is not the case with sex dolls. The moment you purchase it, no extra or additional cost. And of course, your doll will not eat breakfast in bed, pizza or ice cream. No need for the compulsory movie or Rihana shows. All you need to do is to acquire the sex doll and get unlimited enjoyment. 


While many people think men buy sex dolls than women, this article helps us to discover that women actually have a higher demand for sex dolls than men. We understand this sounds strange, but it is a fact. To elaborate this, we took our time to review reasons why women have a higher demand for sex dolls than men where we talked more about the societal factors and of course, the satisfaction sex dolls bring to women and men.

However, we think it is important we let you know that there are different types of sex dolls and sex dolls are made of different materials. To save the stress of looking for good sex dolls, we highly recommend ZLOVE DOLL

ZLOVE DOL is a standard sex dolls manufacturing industry. The company has been in existence since 2012, delivering the best quality and best value sex dolls so that every customer can find the perfect sex doll for their sexual satisfaction. 

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