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Top 8 Sex Positions For Sex with Sex Dolls

Top 8 Sex Positions For Sex with Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are so realistic that you can try several sex positions just like with a real sex partner. Besides, they have elastic skin and a flexible internal skeleton that allows different sexual positions.  The sex dolls can give you a real human sexual experience depending on how you use it. In addition, they can help you reach intense orgasms as long as you know how to position them correctly.

If you have bought your first sex doll and you want to have an epic experience with her, we’re here to serve you with breathtaking tips. The list below offers some of the best sex positions for sex with sex dolls.  

1. Missionary

The missionary sex style has become like the default sex position. This style has been used for ages, and it still does because it’s damn good. It’s easy to have sex with missionary sex without straining and maintaining eye contact with your doll. You can do it by placing your doll down lying on her back.  Next, you can bend her legs a little bit and then spread them.

You can also put her legs over your shoulders instead of bending them. This will allow you to have an epic view of her boobs as you slide your dick in and out. The missionary position comes bundled with several other sex positions that you can use to spice things up. Some are good for deep penetration while others you can have them anywhere you want to, for example, the kitchen.

Another benefit of using the missionary sex style is that you can cum on your dolls face or body whenever you feel like. A missionary sex position is one of the best for dolls because it’s easy, and it will allow you to slide in her swiftly. Besides, it also helps one to feel more connected to the doll. Having sex with a sex doll on a missionary position has a higher chance of leading to an orgasm.

BBW sex dolls and big boobs sex dolls are very suitable for this posture. When you use this posture to have sex with a sex doll, you will see her boobs shaking at your rhythm.

2. Sex against the wall

Sex against the wall is excellent for those people that love to enter their partners as they stand against the wall. You can also try the same using a realistic love doll. First, you have to stand against the wall at your favorite corner of the room. You can decide to make her back face you or her front. If she is facing, you wither behind to hold her and then support yourself on using the other hand. The corner of the room is the best place to try this position because there is enough support.

You can also spread her arms against the wall so that you get balance. Then lift one leg up, and now you’re ready to go inside her as deep as you like. The best thing about this position is that you can have sex with your doll in many places such as the bathroom, kitchen, balconies, or bedroom.  Additionally, sex against the wall is great for deep penetration, and you can reach your orgasm faster.

The only setback about this position is that it can be difficult if you have a height difference with the doll. You can solve this if the doll is taller than you by just spreading her legs.  

3. Bent over

Bent over is another popular sex position that has been used by couples for ages. The first step in this position is making sure that your doll stands in the way that you can penetrate her from behind. Also, make sure that you are close to a bed or a table so that she can get proper support.  Hold your doll from her behind and move her closer to the bed or table. Then bend her such that she lies in a way that the face lies on the surface while she is bending at her waist.

Bent over is the best position for both anal and vagina penetration. If you want to add some hotness, make our doll wear some sexy heels and make her flex her butt in a sexy way. The best thing about this position is that it can be applied in or out of the bedroom. In addition, you can increase the fun by using different objects such as chairs, pillows, beds, and couches to bend her over.

Be careful not to use abrasive surfaces that can cause harm to your doll’s realistic skin. Although this style can lead you into orgasms, it’s not suitable for long time usage. This is mainly because it can scrape off your doll’s knees after some time.

4. Spooning

One of the most intimate sex positions of all times is spooning. You can have good sex with your doll as she is lying on the bed. This the best sex position for those people that are looking to have more intimate sex with their dolls. Besides, this sex position will offer you a smooth hot penetration.

It’s easy for you to get into this position with your doll. First, you need to make her lie on her side as the arms bent in front. Then bend her legs so that she can support her body at an angle of forty-five degrees. After bending her legs, lift one up and go inside her in any of the holes that you like.

Spooning is great because it offers a smooth penetration. Besides, it’s good for those people that love having sex on the bed.  If you have a heavy doll, then spooning might be the ideal sex position for you because you don’t need to carry her in an awkward position.

Spooning sex position is also great because of the close proximity between you and the doll. This builds great heat levels around you, hence making it feel like a real-life sex experience. The only con about this position is that you will not be able to kiss her or look at her beautiful face.  

5. The cradle

Are you looking for something more intimate that doesn’t require much to execute? Then you have to try the cradle sex position with your doll because it’s very intimate and does not require a lot of stamina or strength in order to execute. The cradle sex position is best for those people that want to savor better pleasure by lasting longer.

Start by sitting down as you face your doll and wrap your legs around her.  Her legs should also wrap around your waist and tucked inside yours. Help her to slide her butt towards you so that you can penetrate her. Now start moving to and fro together at your preferred phase.  This position will not give you much thrusting, but you can reach orgasm by rocking slowly towards the climax.

6. Cowgirl

If all you want is just to lie down and have and have some great sex at the same time, then you should try cowgirl. Simply lay on your back and make her squat on you. Place your hand around the waist and start thrusting as hard or smoothly as you feel like. You can reach orgasms with style as you stare at her boobs as they jump up and down. Staring at her pretty face is also an option as you penetrate her swiftly.

Alternatively, you can place her on top of you in a reverse cowgirl style. However, in this position, you will not be able to stare straight into her eyes or her bouncing boobs. The best thing about the cowgirl sex position is that you can use the weight of the doll as an advantage to aid with the thrusting.

7. Stand and deliver

This is a very easy sex position that you can try with your doll. You need to stand up, of course, then bend your doll at her waist and penetrate her from behind. All this time, you will be supporting her by holding her arms or her body.

Stand and deliver sex position is great for dolls since it does not require much effort to set up. Also, you can do it anywhere that you wish to with your doll. The only set back about this position is when you are taller than the doll. This means you will not be able to stand up comfortably. However, if she is taller than you or you have the same height, then you will have lots of fun with the stand-up and deliver sex styles.

8. Doggy style

Doggy style is the best sex position for those looking for a super sexy stimulation. Start by making your doll kneel down on the bed or your favorite surface. Then push her arms slightly past her head so that she can balance her body well in that position. Her legs also should be spread a little from the back to prevent her from falling.

Now enter her from her behind and pump smoothly or hard as you feel like. Furthermore, this is the best sex position if you like spanking your doll. It’s also good for rough sex, but you should be cautious so that you can protect your doll from friction. Doggy style is good for fast-paced thrusting and deep penetration.

If your sex doll is a big ass sex doll, try this sex pose and you will be satisfied!

If you want to know more about sexual positions, please visit this website: But please note that when trying new poses, please take care of your sex doll.

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