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Simple Tips For Maintaining Sex Dolls

Simple Tips For Maintaining Sex Dolls

It is often recommended to keep the sex doll well maintained and clean. Bearing this in mind, it increases the longevity and quality of the product. On top of that, care and cleaning can be supplemented with proper storage.

Dolls that are not stored properly can end up with open rips and tears which cannot be repaired, for instance, the parts behind knees, beneath arms, elbow, and armpit as well at the crotch. Some parts want replacement seeing that latex glue is not enough. In this article, we are going to see simple tips on how to maintain sex dolls.

Clean after use

Sex dolls should always be cleaning after each use and cleaning 2-4 weeks despite usage. You are allowed to bathe or shower the doll. Use soap and water to clean outside parts of the body. Wipe gently with a soft cloth until it dries. Do not use a hairdryer because the doll can start to melt when the heat is more than 40 degrees Celsius. After dry, apply baby powder to absorb left humidity and improve touch.

All dolls come with vaginal flusher or irrigator. Flush holes using a water pump that is provided. Put in a piece of cloth inside the holes to absorb humidity. You can use tampons on the mouth, vagina, and anus. Insert one inside the mouth and 2 behind each other in the anus and vagina. Tampons are simple to insert and remove. It soaks off moisture and sperm-lube mixture.

Hair and wig care

Head and wig are supposed to be cleaned separately using proper cleaning agents. Remove the wig then clean with mild conditioner and shampoo. Let the wig to dry on its own and comb it slowly from bottom to top. This will give the silicon doll a fresh and new look. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and do not apply excessive force during cleaning.  


Sex doll manufacturers recommend users to hydrate doll once a month with mineral oil. This keeps the doll new. Apply baby oil on half front of the body. Wait for it to absorb for 2 hours then flip over and repeat. Remove baby powder then oil the body. Also, you can use Vaseline or Nivea crème on complex areas like vagina, crotch, and armpits then let it absorb for 12hours. Nivea crème and Vaseline have a higher mineral content of mineral oil, unlike baby oil. Henceforth, baby oil is the best for hydrating the whole body.


Dark-colored clothes can stain the doll’s skin. Purchase clothes with light colors. Nonetheless, new dark clothes can be washed before use. If the skin gets stains, buy special cream to get rid of the stains. The stain remover has lasted for 3 to 4 hours before the shade disappears. In addition to that, undress the sex especially when not in use to prevent fade on skin.

Proper storage

Keep legs and arms straight and parallel on the body. This helps to prevent wear and tear of underarm and other stressed parts. Do not store the doll on bent position over a long period. The skin folds will appear like scars even when placed in a normal position.

Examine regularly

The best maintenance tips for sex doll is to keep it from destruction. Apart from that, users are supposed to have a daily routine to examine the doll when you clean. This ensures the doll is in good condition. Cracked parts can affect attract disease-causing organisms in the house which can transmit infects to human beings.

Use quality lube

Quality lube reduces friction and enhances durability. Lube also brings a feeling that improves doll sex and makes it real. Use water-based lube because it is friendly to silicone and latex.

Be responsible

Treat the sex doll as your real-life partner to enjoy your sexual desires. Do not share the doll with other people because it is dangerous. Sharing sexual products can result in sexually transmitted diseases as well as cause damages. Moreover, you should be gentle during sex to prevent damage.

Products to avoid

1. Solvents

You should avoid all types of solvents such as nitro-thinner, mineral spirits, paint thinner, odorless mineral spirits, and alcohol-free baby wipes. The solvent causes TPE structure to dissolve hence damage block-copolymers. This is harmful to TPE in the doll. According to vendors and manufacturers, official solvents with TPE blends are allowed.


Pure alcohol and alcohol products like disinfection wipes, baby wipes, toy cleaners, soaps, and sprays are not allowed. Alcohol causes the production of micro-nuts, brittle, crack, and porous effect in the TPE structure. Perfume is allowed on clothes or wig but not directly on the TPE structure.

3.Silicone oil

Silicone oil affects the TPE and makes it to become brittle, hard, and have cracked. Furthermore, it causes the TPE to shrink. Items like wet condoms have silicone-based lube and dimethicone.

4.Vegetable oil

Products with vegetable oil including soaps, crèmes, fruit oil, coconut oil, and shower gels should be avoided. Vegetable oil seal TPE henceforth stops the breathing function of the TPE.

 Quick tips to remember for durable sex doll

  • Store the doll on the dry place as wells as avoid excess humidity and heat.
  • Use neutral soap and water to clean silicone dolls and TPE. Avoid alcohol, silicone oil, solvents, and other stain removers.
  • Use light shade clothes to prevent stains. Wash dark shade clothes before use. Also, do not press clothes on the doll.
  • Be cautious when you apply and remove makeup. Use water-based make-up and avoid the ones with have chemicals or are oil-based. Additionally, you should not use alcohol-based makeup removers.
  • Do not use perfumes that contain alcohol.
  • Avoid hot utensils and sharp objects near the doll.
  • Keep legs and arms straight when you store the silicone doll, it will prevent harm on skeleton or skin.  

Final thoughts

Sex dolls can stain as well break if they are not well maintained. Also, since they do not have skin like human beings, the dolls can erode and degrade. However, proper maintenance will reduce the degradation rate and make them last longer. Besides that, proper care helps to prevent the use of money for repair or purchase new ones. Sex dolls are expensive and can cost you an arm or leg when your budget is low. Follow doll care instructions such as skincare, skeleton care, storage, reattaching loose parts, cleaning, and drying. These simple steps will offer you a new-realistic look.

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