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History of Sex Dolls

History of Sex Dolls

People have always been obsessed with sex. Probably this is why people found methods to engage in this activity of pleasure so that they can quench this thirst. Sex dolls are one of these methods. From different sizes to genders, sex dolls come with a variety of options that one can easily opt for.

However, sex dolls weren’t created now. They have been in the market for the past many decades, each era having their own kind of dolls. Let’s take a look at the history of these sex dolls that have been present in our world:

15th Century

The 15th century was the time when probably the first real sex dolls were created. Though these weren’t made by reputed people or those who were in dire need to make a breakthrough. Sailors moving through the sea brought sewn cloth dolls that would help them get comfortable on long voyages. These were called as Dame De Voyage, Dama De Vinje or Seemannsbraut as by the sailors from different areas.

1941-Nazi’s Sex Doll

Deaths in wars not only result due to bullets piercing bodies but also due to diseases that arise in the soldiers. STDs were the most common of the diseases that were lurking during world war 1 and 2. Germans were suffering from them a lot and the German SS leader Heinrich Himmler came up with the idea of creating sex dolls for the soldiers so that deaths due to STDs can be reduced.

As a result, vigorous working on the project was done, which was known as project “more secret than top secret.” The requirements were straight and simple. The size of the cups for the doll’s breast was defined as following: A:168 cm bust, B:176 cm bust, C: 182 cm bust. Moreover, Himmler also stated that the cup size and the breast is to be created full and round so that one can get a firm grip on it. There should be a rose grip for the hip so that it could be gripped and enjoyed. While these requirements were discussed, everyone agreed on creating a cheeky and naughty look for the doll as it would entice the soldiers.

The face was borrowed from Kathe von Nagy; however, she declined while suggesting an artificial face for the doll. The doll was created only to facilitate the soldiers and it was decided that it wouldn’t be used for commons since they didn’t want to replace women of the community. The model was created and used. Later it even allowed to crate Barbie dolls for girls.

EARLY 80’s

The 19th century highlighted the birth of sex robots with the first ever sex robot of the world. Made by a British Company, Sex Objects Ltd. “36C” was a 16-bit voice synthesizer and microprocessor that responded to primitive push buttons and voice inputs. And that was enough to turn men on who got aroused just by hearing Stephen Hawking talk.

1977-Orient Industries

Japanese “Orient Industries” launched DongFang dolls. These dolls were basically created for people with disabilities so that they can cater to their sexual urges. However, the quality of the doll was extremely poor. It couldn’t be used in many positions and it was difficult for people to even use them in the first place. However, the doll was quite regarded, which is why it was quite expensive as well.

Later sex doll “Face Shadow” was launched that had a visible skeleton made from polyurethane polymer materials. This material gave subtle texture as well as illuminated underlying muscles and vessels.

1987- Britains Lifts Prohibition on Importing Dirty Stuff

1987 was a turning point in the world of sex dolls. A group of sex-antagonists began a court case in Great Britain in the year 1982 to block the importation of sex dolls which they called “Obscene or Indecent” items. This five year long battle was won by Sex companies and prompted the infamous British cry, “The British are cumming! The British are cumming!”


1996 marked the rise of Matt McMullen’s new venture, that went by the name, “Real Dolls” which eventually became one of the most popular manufacturers of sex dolls in the world. At 29, Matt McMullen made the first anatomically correct female sex doll and called her Leah.

The sex dolls produced by Matt McMullen offered human body like simulation with their steel joints, silicone flesh, and poseable PVC skeletons. Now available in 10 customizable body styles, five skin tones, 15 faces and starting at $6500, Matt McMullen’s dolls are still everyone’s favourite.

Mid-20th Century

Worried about the personnel sent to Antarctica on an expedition, the Japanese government funded a program that would manufacture emotional dolls. These dolls were to be manufactured using high-quality silicone, minimizing the effects of abstinence that can affect the mental and physical health of the personnel sent on expeditions. The doll was named “Antarctica No.1.”

2005- Japanese Company Begins Renting out Dutch Wives

Don’t worry, Japanese companies did not actually rent out actual Dutch wives to people. Dutch wives were the term that Japanese use for silicone sex dolls. This piqued Japanese’ interest in sex dolls and by the end of 2005, a Japanese sex doll company called Forest Dolls had over 40 shops all over the world.

2007 – Lars and The Real Girl Premiers

Everyone’s obsession with Sex Dolls had taken over the world by the year 2007. A movie about a sex doll was even nominated for an Oscar. The most exciting part was that the screenplay for the movie was written by a woman, Nancy Oliver!

2007 – The Sexual Audio System is Invented

The business was blooming in 2007. More and more features kept getting introduced in Sex dolls. But what took everyone by surprise was the addition of an Mp3 player in the chest of sex dolls, attached to a built-in pressure sensor. This innovation by Japanese companies requires 4 AAA batteries to work and the experience was made even more realistic by the detachable heads and pubic hair that those sex dolls sported. As disturbing as that might sound, people did seem to enjoy it all.

2009 – The First Male Sex Doll

After years of seeing female sex dolls, Germans decided to take a big step and launched the first male Android sex doll of the world and named it Nax. Costing a whopping $10,000, Nax had an automatically soaring penis. And to deliver the most realistic experience, Nax also had artificial automatic ejaculation.


It took years for sex-geniuses to come up with a sex doll that had a customizable personality. Roxxy, the first ever customizable doll, was unveiled in Las Vegas, at the Adult Entertainment Expo, by the owner and designer of True Companion, Doug Hines. Costing a mere $7,000, Roxxy had diverse personalities ranging from Wild Wendy to Frigid Farrah. So, if like outgoing girls then you can have the Wild Wendy but if you get turned on by timid and shy librarians then Frigid Farrah will make your sex fantasies come true.

Modern Sex Dolls

Modern sex dolls have been created in a way to cater to the need for a real life partner. These dolls come in silicone and TPE materials that are used to give a human feel. Apart from that, these come with cleaning kits that one can use after to clean after an interaction. The point of creation of these dolls is to give people the emotional support of having a partner of their own. That is why these dolls are created in different ways so that one can pick it up according to their preferences.

What’s more intriguing is that these dolls have been upgrading ever since their inspection and creation. From changing figures according to the modern trends moving in the market to the addition of various enticing elements, these dolls are now being manufactured based on the needs of man.

With the innovation in technology, new designs and aspect were added for the sex dolls of the modern day. These were not only refined to look more realistic but to offer realistic feel, touch and sounds. Robotic innovation allowed manufacturers to bring explicit refinement in the design of the sex dolls.

As of now, the latest dolls are coming up with the ability to orgasm. Meaning these dolls have the features of exhibiting the primary notions that a man enjoys while mating. Manufacturers are now adding memory to these dolls so that their capabilities can be enhanced. The same dolls that are now coming with the ability to orgasm now remember your birthdate as well.

Considering how innovation is making its way into the industry, we can expect completely robotic yet utmost realistic sex dolls to enter the market. As for the features, they would come with extraordinary features similar to real life women. However, previously these features were only added to ensure that man would fulfil their temporary needs. But right now, the dolls that are coming up, both male and female are arriving with the essence of replacing original human beings. Since there will only be sex driven emotions added to the dolls interacting with them will be much easier.

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