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Are Sex Dolls Better Than Women

Are Sex Dolls Better Than Women

Sex dolls have become the choice of more and more men. This has also sparked the debate over the world whether sex dolls are better than women or not. Even though there is no hard and fast answer to it, there are different areas where sex dolls are better and in some areas women are better. We have all the different aspects in detail in this article to see if sex dolls are better than women or not:


Let’s take a look at areas where sex dolls take the win over women:


Personal advertisements are deceiving, and everyone is trying to shine the most positive light on their dating profile now a days. However, some of them can go beyond that and lie flat out to you about their history or present situation.

A sex doll doesn’t have anything to hide and doesn’t tell lies! So, if you are momentarily susceptible to the initial discomfort with a new mate, or have little time to get to know someone beneath their “layers” a sex doll can bring some compassion or empathy.


If you find yourself wondering if you should hold the door for your date or who should pay the bill on the first date or how long to wait before you make the next call, then you are not alone. We understand that dating can be really confusing.

So, if the pressure and anxiety of this dating framework and societal norms have you avoiding dating, then you need to treat yourself to a sex doll because sex dolls are so much better than women in this scenario. You do not have to question yourself and everything you do is okay with them.


Things can often take a serious turn when you are dating a real human but it is all fun and games and there are zero problems when you have a sex doll as your partner. A sex doll knows “you” and only you and her attention is not divided between you and a loved one. So, if you are looking for a partner that is fully devoted to you and has all her attention for you, then you need to treat yourself to a sex doll.

Moreover, you would not have to deal with any unnecessary pets that you do not like unless you get your sex doll a pet, and sex dolls are great with pets


A sex doll has no opinion about how you look, how you behave, how you want to have sex, or how much you want to have sex with someone. Whatever you do is OK! If you feel judged by everyone and are looking for a neutral lover with whom you can exchange sexual or non-sexual experiences, a sex doll fills a real need and can be of enormous value.


Another quirk of having a sex doll is that you do not need to spend your time warming up before having sex. Moreover, you do not even need to wear a condom.  You can just go in it raw and it will not feel any kind of pain and will offer you only pleasure.

Plus, you get to decide the position in which you have sex with your doll. And the best part is that sex dolls’ holes remain tight all the time and they do not loosen easily. So, you can penetrate her whenever you want without having to warm up beforehand.


Humans can knowingly or unknowingly transmit different diseases to their partners, even if they are fully diagnosed, they still have unprotected. With sex dolls you are definitely safe from sexually transmitted infections which are transferred by sexual contact. Sex dolls also keep you safe from sexually transmitted diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, and genital herpes. So, when it comes to your sexual health sex dolls are better than women as they protect you from such diseases.

Even more amazing, you are the only partner in your relationship with your doll so you do not have to worry about your doll getting infected from the outside, and then passing on the infection to you.


If you like to watch crazy stuff on porn, then there is nothing wrong with you. BDSM and roleplay can be fun but most women are not into it. And the worst part is when they judge you for having different sexual desires or for watching porn.

Sex dolls don’t judge you for having different kinds of sexual desires and porn habits. They offer full liberation and zero judgement when it comes to sex. Plus, there is something liberating in confiding your sexual desires to a sex doll because it will not label you or think of you differently.


Roleplay can’t get any better with sex dolls because of their understanding nature. You can basically fulfil all your sexual desires. You get to decide what she wears for the role play and you can practically make her into whatever you want her to be.

You can make her your submissive or you can turn her into a preppy doll and she will not whine to you about it. So, sex dolls are the best role play partners you can get.


 Let’s take a look at some factors where sex dolls lack what women can offer and how those shortcomings can be dealt with:


One of the arguments is that sex dolls are not human hence they cannot act like them. A sex doll cannot keep you company by talking to you when you are bored or when you just feel like talking to someone. So, they are not better than women if they cannot even utter a word to you.

Moreover, the experience of having sex becomes better if your partner can talk to you and engage into stimulating conversation with you to keep you on edge but sex dolls cannot do so. So, in this case sex dolls are not better than women.

Solution: Sex dolls with mimicking abilities

Sex dolls manufacturers have started to experiment with different kinds of AI chips and sensors. Different kinds of computer technologies have allowed them to come up with different kind of sex dolls that come equipped with natural mimicking abilities.

Though these sex dolls are more expensive as compared to normal ones, they offer simple mimicking abilities that make spending time with them much more fun. With their natural language abilities and extensive mimicking sex dolls have started to replace women in real life as well when it comes to making a conversation.


A sex doll cannot moan in response like a real woman during sex which makes them not as good as women in bed. The experience of having sex becomes better if your partner responds to your touches and actions which sex dolls are unable to do because they cannot sense your movements. Women respond to touch naturally and offer a real love making experience.

Solution: Sex dolls with sensors

You can now get a sex doll that comes with sensors that allow the doll to moan in response to being touched at a sensitive area. So, you can enjoy the same kind of sexual responses from a sex doll that you would with a woman, thanks to the sensors. The sensors enable the sex doll to respond to your touches and if you do not like the way your sex doll responds to you, can get it calibrated according to your desires and needs.


Humans are warm to touch and their body temperature naturally rises when they engage in sexual activities which plays a major role in setting the tone of a sexual activity. But dolls are inanimate objects and their body temperature cannot change so they remain cold throughout the complete sexual intercourse.

So, sex dolls are not better than women when it comes to offering warm body temperature that makes it easier to engage in different kinds of sexual activities. Moreover, some people argue that a sex doll cannot warm your bed for you like a real human being with their body temperature so they are not better than women.

Solution: Heating pads or sex dolls with built in temperature control

You can deal with this shortcoming by getting your doll a heating pad that makes its body warm and offer you the same boy temperature that a real woman can. Or you can get yourself a sex doll that comes with a natural body temperature of 98.6 degrees and is therefore warm to touch and feels just like a real human when you get in bed with her.


Humans show different emotions and that is what makes them human. A woman gets jealous, angry, happy, sad, and shows a wide range of emotions depending on her mood. A doll, on the other hand, cannot show you the same kind of emotions which leaves her devoid of emotions. So, a sex doll cannot offer you the same kind of emotions that a real human can and is therefore not better than women.

Solution: Dolls with customizable personality traits

However, with the natural language abilities and mimicking traits discussed before you can now get your sex dolls customized with different kinds of personality traits. You can get your sex doll to act jealous or angry or sad depending upon her configurations. You can get a sex doll that will get jealous if you talk about another woman in front of her and will continue to ask you questions about that woman, thus making the experience as real and as close to reality as possible.

The Final Takeaway

We hope this article has provided you a new outlook on sex dolls, or made you think a little bit differently about them. Remember that there is not one specific type of person who prefers sex dolls and sex doll owners do not believe that sex dolls are superior to women and have more worth than them.

They just believe that there are certain aspects where sex dolls take the win just like the aspects where women take the win. Like anything else, it all comes down to how you use it!

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