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Sex Doll Story: A Romantic Encounter With A Student and A Teacher Sex Doll

Sex Doll Story: A Romantic Encounter With A Student and A Teacher Sex Doll

It’s another bright and sunny morning as the sun rays shine on her naked beautiful body. Lying naked on the soft bed, she’s thinking about how she could please her lover today. Victoria is a student sex doll and has to meet her master in the school a couple of blocks away.

It’s time to get dressed, she thought to herself, and so she did. She wore a uniform and walked to the school. On entering the classroom, she looked for her lover anxiously. Her lover didn’t arrive yet and had to wait alone.

This made her look sad. Her face was looking lost but lustful. She was standing in the middle of the room waiting for her love to arrive and accompany her and do what they always do in the morning. His absence was making Victoria sorrow and unhappy. Every minute was hard on her.

Time passed and no one came. A thought crossed her mind: Will he even come today, she asked herself? Is she spending time with someone else? What would I do if he didn’t come? Should I go back? Maybe he is stuck in traffic or has met an emergency, she thought. Well, that’s the loneliness of a sex doll speaking that only she can understand.

She can do nothing but wait for him. Her appealing eyes couldn’t wait to see the face of her lover. Sadness in her eyes was adding the most to the charm. Long sliver hair added another dimension to her beauty, as she stood near the blackboard. She has spent extra time today getting dressed for her lover and wants to her him paring and lauding her beauty.     

Victoria was feeling bored and lethargic in the classroom. Maybe loneliness has made her lazy or was it the tiredness from the last night’s “war” with her lover, she spoke to herself. She didn’t know why she was feeling so sluggish and inactive all of a sudden. But whatever the reason, she didn’t bother to care and her eyes were fixed on the door, waiting for her master to come and spend time with her.

She so wanted to be with her lover now and he should have been there by that time. His absence was making her sad. Her face looked all disappointed as she put a finger on her lips thinking about him. To kill time, she started playing in the room. Her attractive eyes were still reminiscing the heated experience she has had with her lover yesterday.

She has no option but to wait alone for her master to come back. After a while, she started getting bored as she has nothing to do. She wanted to be with someone; one who could accompany her and love her. Being a gregarious sex doll, Victoria loves to talk and get energetic while having love talks with her lover.  

Not knowing when he would come, she lowered her head in sadness, unable to conceal her feelings. Her cute, alluring face was giving warm and healthy vibes.

As she was standing by the study table, she thought: “Does he owns more dolls than me? is that’s where he is right now? Is he love to spend more time with them?” Maybe he does, but that’s how every man is, she spoke to herself. Men have in their nature to flirt with multiple women.

Even if he does, she knows she can’t do anything about it. She is happy and satisfied as long as he needs her and want to spend time with her. She is her property and he can do whatever he wants to do with her. Victoria knows her lover cares for her and fulfills all her wishes. In return, she satiates his sexual fantasies. That’s what she’s planning to do today soon her lover enters from the door.

Victoria decided to write her heart out. Her love for the master is so deep that she couldn’t resist but writing down her emotions, just like every girl do for her boyfriend or lover.

She bent to write romantic lines for her master. Suddenly, she heard a sound outside the door. The door opened and she could hear the footsteps approaching. Her wait was about to over and she was ready to run towards her lover and hug her passionately.

The person came closer, raised her skirt and stared at her underpants. Her hips were so voluptuous that one may feel as if they had been carved out by the creator with delicate care. She was the true embodiment of goddess of body. Once you see what is beneath her skirt, it’s impossible to resist yourself not to have sex with her.

She turned back and guess what, it’s her sexy teacher, Yael. She has always been attracted by her teacher’s gorgeous figure and today, she was looking hotter than ever. Yael asked her to sit on the chair and do her classwork and she oblige like a good student she was.

Victoria wanted her teacher to talk to her, comfort her, and let her feel the warmth of  her Yael’s body.

To her joy, Yael asked her to remove the shirt and show her commendable body. An alluring smile appeared on her body that made her looked even sexier. Victoria obliged and took off her tight shirt quickly and sat on the table with her legs wide open. Her magnificent and mouth-watering boobs were popping out of her white bra

Victoria was so turned on by the sexy outfit of her teacher and wanted to have a romantic session with her. Victoria started playing with herself to lure her tall teacher. She put her hands in her white panties as she laid down on the table, staring into the eyes of Yael.

Yael asked her to dance for her on the floor and so she did. Her sweet and voluptuous body could make any man fall for her. She did everything what a stripper does to you in a night club.

Her curvy figure and bubbly outlook were reflecting sexy vibes and she wanted to feel the warmth of Yael without wasting a single second.

Yael was turned on and couldn’t control her sexual feelings anymore.  She knew that Victoria had a crush on her and always wanted to have sex her. So, she asked Victoria to come closer and get on her knees. It was a dream come true moment for Victoria and at once, she get on her knees.  

Her tempting eyes were asking for passionate lovemaking but Yael had another plan. She wanted to make her wait and crave for sex and tease her before having to feel the warmth of her body. Couldn’t take her eyes off her beautiful and lustful body, Yael asked her to get completely naked.

She took off her remaining clothes almost instantly. Victoria’s naked body was an art of perfection – something worthy of utmost admiration and praise. Her alluring body symbolized how good someone can look from a minuscule distance.

Her boobs were looking sexy like always and her curvy figure was everything a man wishes for in a woman. Her unimaginable attractiveness made her teacher wonder how could someone defy all odds and look so stunningly magnificent.

Standing naked in front of Yael, Victoria squeezed her boobs, fingered her vagina. She imagined being in the arms of Yael. She always craved to enjoy the feeling of being touched and kissed by her teacher and that was her moment.

Yael walked close to her and rubbed her hand over her naked, shiny body. She was already turned on and wanted to make love to Victoria. Squeezing Victoria’s boobs, “Oh! My god the beauty,” Yael spoke politely to herself and removed her black jacket. Victoria’s beauty was irresistible and Yael wouldn’t let the opportunity go waste to enjoy her, in the absence of her owner.  

With one hand in her panties, Yael was rubbing Victoria’s body who unbuttoned her shirt. Yael’s boobs were a treat for the eyes as both dolls couldn’t keep their eyes off each other’s faces.

Suddenly, the door opened a man wearing a t-shirt entered. Both dolls grinned like a Cheshire cat as the man was none but their owner. He walked close and gently massaged their chins. The sexual energy of both Victoria and Yael was at its peak and they knew what would come next.

The master asked them to get on their knees and do what they do best during that time of the day. Sheer happiness was reflecting on their faces as their wait had come to an end. What happened next was an intense lovemaking session – a kind of war – between the master of both sex dolls.

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