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Why Do Some People Like Transgender Sex Dolls?

Why Do Some People Like Transgender Sex Dolls?

We were born with different sexual orientations. Most people are straight (cisgender), while some others fall in the LGBTQ class. This consists of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transgender, and Queer. All these groups are amazing when it comes to sex matters. The sex doll industry does not discriminate against the sexual orientations or fantasies of the LGBTQ community. In this article, we shall focus on transgender sex dolls. In real life, these are people who have a gender expression or identity that is different from the sex designated during birth. They can identify as bisexual, heterosexual,  asexual, homosexual, or even refuse to state their sexual orientation. We will find out why some people like transgender sex dolls.

The transgender sex doll follows a unique manufacturing process to appear the same as transgender people. It looks so realistic that every transgender fan will fall in love. It has all the unique characteristics that you can find in this amazing class of people. For example, it may consist of a very beautiful sexy woman but with some masculinity.  

First, let us look at why transgender dolls are loved by some people.

5 reasons why some people like transgender dolls

  1. Natural attraction

The best explanation for why some people like transgender sex dolls is because they are naturally attracted. For example, some men fall in love with transgender women because they find them more attractive. They are distinct from the cis-dolls. Some women are naturally attracted to transgender women. This makes the trans doll a great experience.

  • To fulfill their Fantasies

Just like you have your sexual fantasies of your ideal sex partner, some people fantasize about having sex with transgender people. This is why they end up buying a realistic transgender doll if they can not find the ideal partner. For instance, some men love transgender women naturally. This is a good call for them to get the transgender doll.

Transgender women are very beautiful and unique. If you have secretly been crushing on a transgender person then you can customize your doll to match your fantasies. You can easily do this by choosing the right color hair, eyes, nipple size, boobs shape, and so on.

  • People attracted to both men and women

Some people are attracted to both men and women. Since transgender dolls have both sexual orientations, bi-sexual people often love them. This gives them the perfect opportunity to experience all their desires on one sex doll. The transgender dolls are amazing and very helpful especially to people of bisexual orientation.

The best part about trans dolls for bi-sexuals is that you can remove the detachable sex organs such as the penis to remain with the parts that you only require.; If you are attracted to both men and women then transgender dolls will serve you better. Besides if you can use the trans dolls to explore your sexual life.

  • Transgender sex dolls are unique

Even straight people love the trans dolls because they find them very unique and beautiful. Others love exploring different sexual orientations. Transgender sex dolls have a unique appearance because they look like a male or female at the same time. You can choose to add penis accessories if you like. These dolls are special in the hearts of many people because they represent what they love.

Some of the unique features that you can find in transgender dolls include a detachable penis.

  • Variety of sex features

Some people love transgender dolls because of their body features. For example, transgender women dolls have all the assists a man looks for in a woman such as a vagina, boobs, ass, and cute. But at the same time, they can be what women admire in most men such as a firm body, huge penis, or a tall height.

Best transgender dolls

These are some of the most liked transgender sex dolls based on intensive research and real customer reviews. They are all made from high-quality materials and appear very attractive with all the likable sexual features of a transgender. These dolls also feature a huge penis that you can remove whenever you want to be left with a feminine doll alone. The penis is accompanied by big balls that you can play with during love-making.

1 . Transsexual Love Doll Danielle

This is the best doll for those looking for a beautiful transgender woman. She has the masculinity of a man but the touch of a sexy lady. Besides, she has huge nice boobs and ass. Although she has a manly face, you can still see her cuteness thanks to her womanly sexy eyes.

She comes with black hair in default but you can customize it to the color that you want. This doll is great for both men and lesbians. It has a nice body that you will fall with immediately If you are looking for the sexiest transgender doll then Danielle will serve you right.

Satisfy your fantasies with this beautiful BBW transexual doll Danielle. She is made from TPE material which makes her appear realistic, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. Besides she is made from a movable steel skeleton which makes her easy to position. You will get to enjoy sexual positions such as anal, vaginal, and oral sex.

2. Young Ladyboy Susan

If you are looking for a young transexual doll then Susan might be the best for you. She has the qualities of her young lady yet you can see some boyish traits in her. Susan also has a cute face with sexy-looking black eyes. You cannot ignore the fact that this doll is the perfect definition of a sexy trans doll. She is a young ladyboy with all the best features that you can wish in a woman. Whether it’s the perky boobs, beautiful hair, or nice ass Susan has got it all.

The best thing about this doll is that she is made from TPE material which makes her appear realistic. She has a weight of 36kg and a height of 163cm. Besides, she is suitable for anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Her movable steel skeleton makes it easy for positioning.

Susan is one of those ladies that want to look like boys. But she has all the described features of a sexy woman. She has a naughty personality ready to satisfy your lust every time you get hard. For ladies, Susan can pull out her large penis accompanied by big balls. Thanks to all her quality materials this doll appears very attractive. You cannot ignore her every time you set an eye on her body. Get this ladyboy doll and get the best experience of a transgender doll. You will get some additional gifts to help you maintain this doll such as the vagina; irrigator, a USB heating rod, cotton gloves, and a comb.

3. Mature Transgender Sex doll Gail

Gail is one of the sexiest mature transgender dolls that you can buy. Choose her if you want to experience a girl and a boy at the same time to fulfill your sexual desire. She has small perky boobs, a cute face, nice legs, and big boobs. Gail also comes with a big dick that you can pull out whenever you want a hard boy.

This sex doll is also made from high-quality TPE material that makes her realistic. She can be used for oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex. Gail is made using a steel skeleton with movable joints hence allowing it to be easily positioned during intercourse.

Sex doll Gail comes with a height of 155cm and a weight of 30kg. You cannot have enough of this petite transgender sex doll. Every time you look at her sexy eyes or round medium boobs you think of getting laid. She is the doll to have in your house and have sex with her multiple times a day.

4.Blonde Transgender doll Alicia

Are you looking for the most beautiful transgender blondie? Alicia might be the most suitable for you. She has the most desirable features that you can wish for in a transgender woman. This doll has a cute face, small boobs, rosy lips, and a petite body. If it were not for the small boobs, rosy lips, and blonde hair, one can easily confuse her for a small boy.

You can buy penis accessories for a sex doll, Alicia if you want to experience her manly side. The best thing about this doll is that she is made from TPE material which makes her appear like a real-life person.

Alicia weighs 31.25kgs and comes with a height of 158cm. She is suitable for oral, vaginal, and anal sex. You will never get enough of this doll thanks to her desirable features. Besides you can customize her with more free or paid options on our website to match the trans woman of your dreams.

5. Tall skinny Transexual doll Michelle

If you love tall transgender Women then Michele will serve you better. She is a transexual woman with a beautiful body, face, and nice hair. Besides she comes with average-sized round boobs that you will love. Michelle is very tall and she has some manly traits.

This white-haired sex doll features both sexual orientations She has a vagina as well as a huge detachable penis to satisfy your lust. Another great thing about this doll is that it is made from TPE material which makes her body look and feel realistic. Besides she is made from a steel skeleton with a movable skeleton which makes her flexible for anal, vaginal and oral sex positions. Michele comes with a height of 170cm and 41kg.

You can customize this transgender doll with different options that are available on our site. There are both free and paid options for customization. For example, you can choose a different hair color, skin color, eye color, toenail color, Areola size, and so on for free. The paid options include standing features, vagina hair, and breast options.

6. Real Life Teen Trans sex doll Megan

This is the best transgender sex doll for those that love trans teens. Megan is cute with a nice little body. However, she comes with huge breasts with big nipples that you can play with during love-making. She also has beautiful black eyes small rosy lips that make her even more attractive. She can be dominant either as a male or female depending on the way you want her. The best thing about this doll is that you can buy penis accessories to improve your love-making experience.

Trans doll Megan measures 141cm and comes with a weight of 26kg. She is Made from TPE material which makes her look like a real-life person. Another exciting thing about this doll is that it’s made using a steel skeleton with movable joints. This allows you to position her easily for any position or activity.

Megan is always ready to satisfy your lust. Take good care of her and she will take care of all your sexual needs. Once you get a taste of Meghan you will never stop loving her. She is also a great choice for those that fantasize about having sex with teens.


If you have not found a transgender doll that you like from the above list then you can customize yours. The process is very easy because it involves buying an already built sex doll and then buying the penis accessories. This will give you a transgender sex doll with all the features that you love. The best thing about this is that all our dolls are compatible with penis accessories. Pick your favorite sex dolls and attach a penis to make your unique transgender doll.

Final Thoughts

Transgender men and women are great in our society and we love them. They are one of the most unique in the LGBTQ community. This is why the sex doll industry replicates the same love to enable all trans enthusiasts to get the first-hand experience. The transgender sex dolls are created carefully following a sophisticated procedure carried out by experienced professionals. These dolls can turn to be a man or women depending on what you want. Some people like transgender sex dolls because of the features that allow them to be feminine and masculine at the same time.

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