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Sex With A Sex Doll While Having Sex Chat On Phone

Sex With A Sex Doll While Having Sex Chat On Phone


An unprecedented number of people engage in sex chat, sexting or sex on a phone call. Technological advances has enabled people to engage themselves in quality face time and hence more and more people are considering sex on a smart phone such as single men. Sometimes it is a desperate need of a long distance relation and the outcomes are good. Men who find it hard to engage in a relationship with a woman, desperately need to have phone sex online to fulfil their needs. Couples try to engage in sensual activities mentally by fantasizing the conditions with words and satisfy themselves. It is a general way to spice things up for couples as well as singles.

Note: Phone Sex, Sex Chat, Live call sex are some general terms that have slightly different meanings but in this article they are used interchangeably.

  •  Sex Toys and Pleasure

Sex on a phone or live call is fascinating in many ways and it arouses people to their core. This arousal requires constant stimulation to have an orgasm. But orgasm is not the only motive of a sex chat. There are three things that matter; Pleasure, Pleasure and Pleasure.

The couple tries its best to get the most of pleasure during their interaction. The real voice of a woman on a live call does the auditory stimulation of a man that cause the release of hormones. This love filled chit chat gives a world of fantasies to man who is aroused by the nasty hot wordings of a women. Therefore, the use of sex toys and tools cannot be ignored here in any regard. Tools or Sex Toys can facilitate during the process and are widely used by men and women across the globe.

These are some of the sex toys used by men but there is always an emptiness felt by some people after they are done with the use of sex toys. Sex is a dynamic process and requires new and efficient ways for better sexual satisfaction. Hence, a sex toy cannot compensate for a sex partner in many ways although it is one of the best choices.

So, what can be a good alternative for a sex toy?

  • The Best Alternative is a Sex Doll

When a live call goes intense, and a man is aroused by the thick hot words of a women online, this creates a dire need of physical interaction. Man wants to have sex with someone at this point to fulfil the fantasies that are flowing through his mind right now. At this point a sex toy cannot help you achieve the desired satisfaction, while a sex toy can play the role instead. A sex doll in simple words is the exact copy of a human partner with highly realistic or close to nature features that is capable of having a perfect sexual intercourse. A sex doll can simply replace a human partner in many ways and gives a perfect lustful experience.

In simple words, it is engaging in talk on a live call that is called virtual sex, while holding your doll for physical sex. It is that simple!

How to Use a sex doll for Phone Sex?

  • Get yourself in the mood

When you are about to start your conversation, you need to adjust your mood and turn yourself on. In this case, a sex doll is the best choice to ignite that flame in your body. When a female voice on phone is trying to seduce you, simply remove the dress of your doll and start touching her body parts which will increase the flow of your emotions and you will get the libido needed to proceed with the communication. Now, the female voice will proceed to next phase of intimacy and increase your heart beat by asking you for a kiss. Simply kiss the lips of your doll and you feel that energy in your nerves that increases your testosterone levels. You are now in perfect mood and position to get started, maintain a rhythm and seduce your partner. The doll has to facilitate you at every level now until you reach an orgasm.

  • Create a Character

The sex doll you buy have a complete persona that reflects your choices. You should have a character in your mind that is a suitable candidate for your sexual intimacy. Draw that out by choosing your best fantasy, anime or real character and start a wholesome chat with your partner on the other end of the call. Start by going with her in the same character and you will feel blessed. Now you are having the same fantasy character talking to you as well as presented for sexual intercourse in your bed. In simple words, your partner is giving you emotions on call while the doll next to you is giving you the pleasure.

  • Hug Your Doll

You need to feel the warmth of the body when you are having a live call because hormones are being released in your body that makes you feel the pleasure. If you are having a sex doll in your vicinity, simply hug her and with each episode of love, you feel the warmth of her body against yours. You will find the satisfaction that your body needs during the call. This is a very effective way because it opens up the doors of further intimate and satisfying interactions and you can enjoy better.

  • Sleeping Next to You

While you are having wordy chat on your call, you are now aroused and want to touch and feel someone against your body. A sex dolls is lying next to you and you have the freedom to touch her in any desired way that pleases you. She won’t deny and you have no limits now. You can now communicate better with your partner on phone but physically interact with your doll and you feel engaged in real sex.

  • Practice BDSM

If you are busy with your partner on a phone call and the intense communication is turning you on. You might be getting aggressive and want her to be submissive. BDSM Sex doll covers everything for you here as she is ready to deal you like a master. You now have a choice to be as aggressive as you want and release all your stress without worrying about the outcomes of your aggression.

Why Choose Sex dolls for Phone Sex?

  • De-stressing

When a person is having sex on call with their partner, their minds are highly engaged but they want to physically feel it. You feel stressed in your body and there is a dire need of relaxing those stress levels. You can now simply hug your sex doll and your body feels highly relaxed, as if you are hugging your partner. Knowing that she is there for you and ready to hug relieves a bid deal of tension.

  • Your Dream Made Real

Your partner might be triggering you in many ways on a phone call and this makes you desperately want him/her in your bed. A Sex doll in your bed makes your dream Lady real. You don’t only feel mentally connected to your partner rather the physical presence of your doll gives you every reason to think that you are having sex with your partner in real. This has proved to be an effective way of dealing with long term relationships. You just got your dream Lady made real.

  • Communicate Better

When your body finds ground that your mind is looking for, it intensifies the vigor for even better and healthy sex that makes you communicate better by automatically sprouting words of extreme pleasure. It automatically engages you in heated sexual communication and your mind finds lustful words that triggers your hormones and gives you an edge during sex. This boost of hormones increases the levels of pleasure and you find it more satisfying. This satisfaction is all you are looking for which directly impacts your mood. You feel better, healthy and committed.

  • Conclusion

Does it seem like a good idea? It definitely is a good idea and many people who are practicing it are happy with it living a contended and satisfied life. Because this fulfils the gap that many relationships are struggling to fulfill due to their long distance relation. A live call is also the source of arousal, emotion and connection with your partner but this love doll is offering the flesh-like feel that you need to have during a sexual intercourse. You can have a hard-rock sex that has been going through your head during the live call by involving in physical activity with your doll. It is that simple and awesome in its own way.

If you found this article any helpful, please share it with your friends and do not hesitate to give us your valuable suggestions. Thank you for reading!

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