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How to Become a Trusted Sex Doll Website?

How to Become a Trusted Sex Doll Website?

Starting a new business comes with its fair share of challenges and it’s even more difficult to thrive in an increasingly competitive environment. If you haven’t been living under the rock for the last few years then you’d already know that the sex doll industry is a booming market and has already become a multi-billion dollar industry. Because of this, entrepreneurs from every corner of the world are trying their luck in this lucrative market. But most of them fail to make their mark in the industry and fades away in the background. The reason: they couldn’t establish themselves as a trusted sex doll website and hence, failed to fulfill their dream of becoming a major sex doll vendor.

Remember, you don’t need a college degree to run your sell doll website but you would need concerted efforts, dedication, and most importantly, passion to establish your name in the market. To help you out, this blog post will outline a step-by-step guide on how you can become a trusted sex doll website and maximize your sales.

Why TRUST Is Fundamental Part of Sex Doll Business

Trust is the lifeblood of any business and it becomes even more vital when it comes to the sex doll business. The reason can be attributed to the fact that the sex doll industry is almost entirely an online venture with little to no exchange of personal information. The details of both the customer and the seller are largely kept confidential – because for obvious reasons, which makes it a prerequisite to establishing your name as a trusted website. A sex doll vendor cannot even think of making money in the market without winning the customers’ trust.

Note that we assume you have already created a website. Here’s how you build your name as a trusted sex doll website:  

1. Sell High-Quality TPE or Silicone Product

Setting up your online sex doll store is not as complicated as you think if you take the right steps from the outset. The first step is dealing with only high-quality TPE or Silicone sex dolls. A high-quality sex doll by no means implies a ridiculously expensive product, rather it’s ten quality of material that counts. It can be as cheap as $1000 or may cost above $10000 – since material quality is not the sole determinant of a sex doll’s price. Regardless of the price, the TPE or Silicon used should be original, having all the qualities of pure material.

Remember that Silicone feels life-like, is hypo-allergic, resistant to heat and high temperature, and long-lasting. It’s imperative to mention material quality as many sex doll vendors seem to sell low-quality material that compromises the life of the doll as well as the health and safety of the owner. Because of this, never compromise on the material quality. The sex doll community is highly vibrant on several sex doll platforms and just a few negative reviews can send your business packing.

2. Engage with Customers on the Website

One of the easiest ways to win the customers’ trust is by engaging with them regularly. Because of the paucity of information available regarding sex doll buying and care and maintenance, almost every customer has some queries that need to be addressed by the seller. As a rule of thumb, “a responsive website is a trusted website.” Always try to respond to the queries of the customers and keep engaging them regularly. Many sex doll websites launch an automatic chatbox soon as you land on the main page. This technique goes a long way in eliciting a response from the customer and convince them into making a purchase.

Your eCommerce platform should also incorporate an automatic procedure to engage with customers and seek their opinion/preference on how to further improve the customer-client online interaction. Customers are the lifeline of your sex doll business and you cannot expect to build trust unless they are 100% satisfied with your delivery – no matter how much you market your brand.

3. Promote Your Website on Sex Doll Forums

As mentioned earlier, the sex doll community is highly active on several online platforms. They indeed cannot have a general discussion on social media as our society still has elements that look down upon sex doll lovers and attach taboo with them. Because of this, there are dedicated platforms – called sex doll forums – where the sex doll lovers can discuss anything they want about their cute, little partners. These forums hide the personal identity and information of the participants and focus only on guiding the visitors.

Some of these forums have over 100k members which speak volumes for the trust the sex doll community place in them. Many reputable sex doll vendors promote their brands on these forums and try to divert audiences to their own websites. As a forward-looking entrepreneur, you should also get the most of sex doll forums. Post the reviews of your past customers, showcase the variety of products you’re offering, and offer limited discounts to gain the maximum audience. The first-time buyers in particular rely on such forums to choose a reputable website to buy their favorite sex doll.

Pro Tip: Don’t try to over-sell your product. Just remain active on several forums, respond to customers’ queries, answer their questions, and recommend your website for additional information.

4. Don’t Hide Customer Reviews

Many entrepreneurs hide the customer feedback section on their websites for the fear of getting negative reviews. It doesn’t more harm than good in the long term. Statistics show that more than 90% of online customers read reviews of past customers before proceeding to make a purchase. If your website doesn’t have a review section, it automatically compromises your credibility as a verified seller. To become a trusted sex doll website, encourage response and feedback from your customers, and take every review as validation of your booming business. To make it look more authentic, don’t include the “Delete a Review” option on your website.   

If any customer has a discouraging experience, don’t simply ignore the review – let alone deleting it – as most customers post a single review on multiple third-party sex doll forums. The best way forward is to contact the customer and try to compensate them as much as you can or address their concerns. Next, request them to edit/delete/modify the review they posted on various sex doll forums. Believe me, doing so will further improve your website’s image for the new customers. Knowing that you actually care for the customer’s experience and give a positive response after the delivery, the sex doll lovers will definitely consider you as a trusted website, worth doing business with.   

Going along the same lines, encourage the customers who left positive reviews, to share their experiences on third-party sex doll forums and recommend your website. How you handle both positive and negative reviews plays a major role in establishing yourself as a trusted sex doll website.   

5. Give A Professional Look to Your Website

A professionally designed website is probably the most important determinant of the credibility of your online business. It generates interest and confidence in the audience to buy your product. Even in the sex doll business, a good website projects the right image of your brand. If your website is second-rate, it makes your brand look unprofessional and the potential customers are unlikely to be engaged and stay on your site for long. here’s how you tweak the settings to make it a professionally-looking website:

  • Keep your website as simple as possible. Don’t try to inundate with unnecessary information and flashy elements. In fact, the fewer the high-end designs, the better.   
  • Organize your website to make it clutter-free and allow visitors to access the information they are looking for. Don’t bombard them with extra details to convey a sense of professionalism. It’s better to make categories for different sex doll varieties and types and let the visitors use filters to narrow down their search for a particular product.
  • Use high-quality photos of each sex doll and write a clear, detailed description about it, so every sex doll lover can easily get what he wants.
  • Never use the same description for every sex doll of a particular category as it can create unnecessary doubts in the customers’ minds.
  • Avoid using images taken from other sex doll websites.

6. Secure Payment Mode and Conceal Personal Information  

Sex is a highly personal affair and no one likes it to publicly share their sexual preferences and desires – more so when it comes to purchasing a lifelike sex doll. Makes sure your website offers the most secure and safest modes of payment such as credit cards or even through Bitcoin – if it’s legal in your country. What makes these methods viable options is they don’t need the personal information of the customer to complete the transaction.

The terms and conditions of the payment mode should be clearly jotted down and ensure the customers that all their correspondence with the website is confidential.  

7. Convert First-Time Buyers into Repeat Customers

If you want to earn the title of a “trusted sex doll website,” then focus your energy on converting first-time buyers into repeat customers. The credibility of a website grows manifold when a customer comes back for more shopping. Sex doll is an evolving market and once you fell in love with a lifelike doll, there’s no going back. No wonder, why most sex doll lovers start off their new lives with one partner but end up having multiple sex dolls in their bedrooms. Keeping this in view, keep in touch with the customers after the product delivery and continue giving them recommendations on the latest products that meet their sexual preferences and tastes.  

It’s always good to see multiple reviews of the same client on a sex doll website and you need to work on that.  

8. Collaborate with Experienced Sex Doll Experts or Vendors

Another effective method for establishing your name in the industry is by collaborating with seasoned sex doll vendors or repeated buyers and request them to promote your brand on third-party platforms. Many popular sex doll websites get in partnership with experts or moderators of various sex doll forums and offer special discounts on products through them. It develops a win-win case for everyone and you manage to attract a whole new audience, boosting your credibility in the market.

9. Promote Your Business

Finally, promote your website on social media platforms and sex doll discussion groups. Marketing your sex doll website is a constant process and you have to regularly update the details and description to keep the audience up to date.

Also, tweak with the website’s settings and use SEO blogs to improve its rankings on Google Search Engine – as the more clients you have, the more trust your website will garner from the sex doll community.   

Final Remarks

To encapsulate it all, this article has walked you through a detailed guideline on how to become a trusted sex doll website. What we can conclude from the aforementioned points is there’re no shortcuts to establish yourself as a trusted brand. While this niche offers lucrative prospects for entrepreneurs, it’s also highly competitive and you need to win the trust of the sex doll community to boost your sales.    

No matter how small or big your sex doll business is, you can emerge as a trusted brand by following the tips discussed in this blog post. Feel free to ask more questions.

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