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The Most Popular Fantasy Sex Doll

The Most Popular Fantasy Sex Doll

Everyone has a crush on fantasy characters in games, movies, anime, virtual, or television shows.  This makes you start creating images of making love with celebrities in real life. However, we all know it is not easy to meet the attractive characters.  Thanks to the new technology that has brought real-life sex dolls. Silicone/TPE partners can be customized to your favorite character. This allows you to have sex with TV characters. In this article, we shall look at the most popular fantasy sex doll you can buy.

Game Character Sex Doll

New fantasy sex dolls for 2022 from Final Fantasy VII!

YoRHA No 2 type B (2B)

YoRHA is a sexy character with silvery-white hair in the game NieR: Automata. Her body is the perfect definition of what most men desire to have sex with. Every time you play the game looking at her petite body you can’t stop thinking about having sex with her.

Although Yorha is an android girl, she is known to have a fleet of mercy and emotion so often. Sometimes she is courageous to easily cut a man down. The general appearance is will make you want to fuck her every time she is in sight. Yohra has perfect boobs, a cute face, sexy eyes, a petite body, and always in a tiny skirt.

This is your chance if you have a thing for the hot gaming characters. The sex doll comes with a phenomenal versatility from a High-grade stainless steel structure that enables the movement of arms, legs, and body joints to perform accurate human motions and all human poses.

We made this doll with a lot of protection and will use Medically Certified & Top Quality TPE or Silicone for a healthy and comfortable intimate relationship. It also has a skin that is extremely realistic, smooth, and sensual to touch, which gives the most seductive feeling ever.

D.Va is another beautiful character from the game Overwatch. The only thing you can think of after seeing her is penetrating her vagina. She has all the qualities of a sexy woman. Another part of the reason that this sex doll is very poplar is her costume. has hot perky boobs that will attract your hands to hold and squeeze them naturally. Her butt is relatively bigger and can take your dick in any hole that you like. Hair is one of the features that make girls more beatify. D. va has nice long hair that you can grab as you fuck her from behind.

The eyes, nose, and lips are perfectly placed to give you an innocent look. Furthermore, you can customize this doll to Fu fill your fantasies. Whether it’s the boob’s nipples hair make p or something else.

The sex doll resembles the game character 100%. Whether it’s the body, face, hair, or costume everything looks perfect. You are free to customize her further if you have more fantasies. For example in terms of dressing and makeup. If you like domination on women during sex then this is the best fantasy sex doll. You can dominate her as much as you like

 Anime Character Sex Doll

Jessica Rabbit 

This is a stunning character that features in the anime who framed Roger Rabbit. She is very famous because of her sexy looks. Besides, she has been used as a sex symbol in many occasions. Jessica rabbit has a nice petite body with massive boobs.

This is the chance to fulfill your fantasies if you find yourself pausing the movie just to enjoy what you see. You can have sex in many different positions thanks to her flexibility. This doll is one of the best choices because it comes with all the amazing features.

Buy and customize the parts of the Jessica Rabbit Sex doll to your Ideal sex doll fantasy. For instance, you can change the hairstyle, costume, skin color, and Areola size.  However, the default Jessica Rabbit is the option and the most popular.


Lazuli is a manga character with cute eyes and a pretty face. If you love watching manga series you can connect well with this sex doll. She has a fine body and cute innocent face that you will fall in love with. One of the best things about this doll is that you can customize her the way that you want. For instance, you can dress her according to your fantasies or even change the hair or lips color.

She is a popular sex doll thanks to her sexy looks and flexible body. The number of sex positions that you can try on this doll is unlimited.  Whether it’s the oral-anal or vaginal sex you can have it all. Lazuli is a nice sex doll with sexy features that will make you want to penetrate her multiple times.

Although she can be a little intimidating at some times pleasing her isn’t that hard. If you watch dragon ball then you probably know how tough she can be. The only upgrade that has been made is the breasts. The sex doll has larger breasts than the character from the dragon ball. So if you love fantasizing about women with big breasts then this is your chance.

Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is poplar as the Jokers girlfriend. She is a young crazy lady that can do anything. So if you are the type of person who likes fantasizing nasty staff then you’ve got yourself an accomplishment. Despite being a crazy character in the DC comic Harley Quinn is very beautiful. She will help you cum within a short period

Her hair game is always on top. However, you can customize her the way you like when it comes to hairstyles and dressing. Buy this doll and enjoy fulfilling your fantasies by fuckin Harley Quinn in any sex position that you like.

She has as average height, medium butt, and big boobs enough to turn you on and make you cum in minutes. Don’t miss a chance to achieve your fantasies for fucking a DC comic character. Another great advantage is that you can customize this doll according to the features that you like. Harley Quinn is a cute and sexy sex doll waiting for you to have a good time.

In the anime, this lady exhibits unique traits of being crazy yet loving at the same time. This is a very nice character that loves to be dominated by you. She also has a great style when it comes to dressing. On the anime, you will mostly see her with tattoos and always around his crazy boyfriend

Movie Character Sex Dolls

Wonder Woman

Wonder woman is one of the most powerful movie characters. She has the strength to fight an entire army of soldiers by herself. Other than her superpowers, wonder woman has all the assets of a beautiful woman. From her hair to her cute face and sexy body. This is your chance to fulfill your fantasies by having sex with the world’s strongest woman.

Most people like this doll because of its amazing pictures that resemble wonder woman 100%. She comes with very long and beautiful hair, with a nice body with big boobs and sexy thighs. This doll can also be customized to conform to your fantasies.  This character is popular because of her wonderful abilities such as strength. This is one trait that a lot of men love to see especially when they have sex. So this is your chance to satisfy your desires if you like this type.

If you are looking for a sex doll that will dominate your desires then wonder woman might be the best choice. The wonder women comic writer believed that strong women love being overpowered by males. This is your chance to see and consume her in any sex position that you might like.

Our dolls feature remarkable flexibility that allows the rotation of the body’s legs and arms. Furthermore, it features all the traits that will make you satisfied as many times as you want. Get yourself a wonder woman sex doll and enjoy penetrating a sexy superhero.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is a beautiful Navy blue elf that has been featured in movies such as Avengers, Guardian of the Galaxy, and the Avatar film series. This actress has a beautiful look even without the Avatar makeup. This is a good chance for those that fantasize about having some good time with a movie character. Zoe Saldana the elf sex dolls comes with many great features that will turn you on. For example, she has a cute looking face, nice petite body large breasts, and long hair.

The doll resembles the avatar character 100%. If you have watched any of the movies she has starred in you can tell that Zoe is a fearless and beautiful character. Furthermore, she has long ears, long neck, and beautiful eyes.

Most of the movie characters are beautiful and Zoe Saldana is not an exception.  She has starred in many other movies rather than the 3 we have just mentioned. Even though she doesn’t play an elf role in some of these movies you can still tell that she is an amazing woman.

Zoe Saldana is smooth but she can be very dangerous at times. She was also featured in the movie with the highest revenue gross record.  Everything about this doll is unique hence you will never get bored of exploring her the way you like.

Customizing things such as skin color, hairstyle, and also the Areola size is also another way of achieving your ideal sex dolls. The default style is always the exact look of the movie character. Zoe Saldana is one of the most popular movie characters having featured in more than a hundred.

If you like a strong woman with a soft heart at the same time then Zoe Saldana is the perfect sex doll for you. Besides you can easily customize her to similar characters such as Mystique from X-men to Liara Tsoni from the love interest.

Virtual Characters Sex Doll

Hatsune Miku 

Hatsune Miku is a virtual character in the Vocaloid character. Her voice has been featured in more than 100, 000 songs. This sex doll appears sexy in general with all the best features that most men desire. These characters are the obvious reasons behind her success. Hatsune Miku is the best sex doll that one should get. She is a teen but with a sexy beautiful body of a grown-up woman. Her twin twill hair is also another unique thing that makes this particular sex doll popular.

She has a petite body and likes dressing on tiny little skirts. Her body and the face are perfectly curved hence you will fall in love with her easily. Her voice is so amazing that it has become popular in many songs. If you fantasize about having sex with someone with such a voice then this doll is a perfect choice.

The best thing about this doll is that you can have sex in any position that you want. This is because it is made using a very flexible and lasting material. Her boobs are also massive that you will find yourself staring at them from time to time. Indeed virtual characters exhibit very great traits.

Her perfect body will make you feel to have sex with her multiple times. Her flexibility and massive boobs will make you cum each time you penetrate her. If you want something unique for yourself, customizing things such as hairstyle, skin color, and eye color.  Get yourself Hatsune Miku and get to experience one of the best fantasy sex dolls ever.

Final thoughts

The most popular fantasy sex doll comes from movie characters, game characters, and anime characters. So many people crave for such fantasy sex dolls because of their hot appearance or character traits. For example, the wonder woman exhibits strong character which some people like to find in their women. Also, Zoe Saldana appears to be unique because of her skin color.  So this is your chance if you are the type of person that fantasizes about having some great fun with these characters. The best thing about buying a doll on or site is that we allow further customization.

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