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Automatic Suction Sex Doll
Automatic Suction Video

1. Version Selection

> Charging Configuration

Adopt international universal USB Type-C interface charging cable/charger. The red light is on when charging. After charging is complete, the red light will automatically turn off. Charging time is about 3.5 hours.

After charging, the doll can be used continuously for 3 to 5 hours.

2. Turn on and off:

The black button is the power button. Press and hold for 3 seconds to turn on or off.

Power on: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds and the blue indicator light will turn on. Click the button again after the light is on, and the blue indicator light will flash, and the doll will turn on the automatic vaginal contraction and suction features.

Short press the button to increase the vaginal contraction force. Double-click the button to suspend the vaginal contraction function.

Power off: Press and hold for 3 seconds, the blue indicator light will go out, and the doll will turn off the automatic vaginal contraction features.

3. Notes:

○ No water can enter the charging port of the switch, and water washing is prohibited. If you need to clean up, please wipe with an oil-based makeup remover to remove the dirt.

○ This function can only be selected together with one of the functions of electric hip and automatic blowjob. Automatic blowjob, electric hip, and automatic suction cannot be selected at the same time.

○ If you have selected the suction function, the vagina type can only be selected as fixed.

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