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How To Have Sex With Girlfriend And Sex Doll

How to Have Sex with Girlfriend and Sex Doll

Popping different cherries can make your sexual life pleasant and even happier. What if you are going to spend the whole night with your girlfriend and sex doll exploring tight holes with your dancing and the erected snake?  Learning about different sex positions can also spice-up your sexual pleasure. So, why not try something different and more erotic while surrounded by two pairs of boobs and two different warm pussies ready to let your ebony tool feel the warmth you want. Let us talk more about the ways to have the maximum fun with girlfriend and sex doll.  

  • What You Need To Avoid:

You must try to understand what you must avoid when having sex with your girlfriend. Inexperienced people do not know how to satisfy their girlfriend, so they watch porn movies before having sex. Many men try to adopt sex positions that they watch in porn movies. Unfortunately, this approach is not right, and most men fail due to it.

If you think of yourself among the people who watch porn movies and consider them as the best source of information, then change your opinion. Keep it in mind that sex position in the porn movie is for you to see it all. It is not obvious that you will enjoy every position and some can be irritating for you and your girlfriend.

One of the worst sex positions that most inexperienced people try is placing her ankles on their shoulders. This position will give you pleasure, but your girlfriend will feel pain instead of having fun during sex. You should try different sex positions in a way that make your girlfriend mad.

Another mistake that most of the inexperienced men do during sex is putting all of their weight on their girlfriend or sex doll. It does not mean at all that you should keep your body away. Sex is a way to get closer to her body because it is all about feelings. Never forget during sex that your girlfriend should not feel you like a burden. It is better to ask her whether she is entirely comfortable with the selected position before starting sex. Girls like the feelings of weight during sex, so do not put her too away from your body. Your weight must be in a position where she can feel smashed. It will give her fun as she will be touching your body. Never grind her pubic bone for a long time because it can pain her during or after sex.

Let Your Sex Doll and Girlfriend Do Foreplay:

Make sure to let your girlfriend and sex doll get indulged in sex at the same time. For this purpose, you can use your doll for penetration and on the other side, finger your girlfriend’s vagina to let her the part of sex at the same time. Most of the men get tired and cannot hold their weight for a long time. Moreover, sex needs full involvement that you cannot maintain if you have to change the sex position due to tiredness. It is better to have intercourse with your girlfriend first and when you feel tired, let your sex doll carry your weight. So, you can keep on riding your pony without getting worried about your weight. Try sex positions on the sex dolls before irritating and paining your girlfriend. 

Don’t Expect Everything from Sex Doll and Girlfriend:

One more common mistake is allowing your girlfriend to do the entire job. She will be having more fun because she will be performing it. However, girls consider sex as a passive act and want their partners to fill them with joy and pleasure. She might like to ride you but do not expect all from her, and you will have to change the position after some time. If you want all sex without any motion, then she might lose all interest in having sex. You can maintain the sex position for a long time if you and your partner both are equally enjoying it. Sex dolls will help you and your girlfriend to enjoy sex from the beginning to the climax. 

  • Experience a threesome Sex:

Even though many adults have sex dolls, but not all have the same comfort level when it comes to having sex with a girlfriend and sex doll at the same time. A sex doll can become a fantastic addition to your sexual activities if used with proper care for a threesome. Those days have gone when sex dolls were considered partners of desperate people. Now, couples with healthy life are using them to have sex pleasure. 

Sale of sex dolls has risen incredibly in recent few years. People prefer it along with their wife or girlfriend to spice-up their sex life. Moreover, advances in technology and manufacturing have introduced a series of lifelike sex dolls. It is the best idea to order a doll and enjoy threesome sex. You will feel the sexual intercourse pleasure near to real.

Consider the Following Suggestion When Having Threesome:

Sex dolls can ensure safe sex experiences for as long as you want if you know how to explore and use them properly. On the other side, while having sex with your sex doll and girlfriend at the same time can spice up your life and night. There are some suggestions that can even make your sex experience better and more enjoyable when you are having options on the bed to pop two cherries.

  1. Use Lubricant: 

You always need to lubricate your pennies before having real-time sex because it helps you to avoid friction and make penetration easy and smooth for you. It also gives your girlfriend the best sex experience. Although all sex dolls come with penetrative exploration designs, there might be some friction. Therefore, you should always use an appropriate lubricant to protect your penis. If you are using some condom, then there is no need for penis lubrication as some condoms are also lubricated OR you can put extra lubrication to let your ebony tool go smooth in the deep tight hole. Clean Properly:  How To Clean A Sex Doll

If you want to have healthy sexual experiences, then you need to clean it properly after each use. In this regard, the most important part is the penetration area. Furthermore, all sex dolls come with some specific instructions to maintain their cleanliness. Make sure to go through carefully before using a sex doll with girlfriend to make your night most colorful. 

  • Never Share: 

Some people do not hesitate to share their sex dolls with their friends. It is better to avoid getting the risk of any sexual disease. Your friends might not be as scrupulous about cleaning after ejaculation as you think. It is quite possible that they even do not bother to wear a condom before sex. Hence, sex dolls sharing can affect your penis so avoid it as much as possible. It is important to have pleasant and safe sex for your doll, girlfriend and for you also.

  • Be Aware of Noise: 

Make sure to choose a most comfortable place to avoid any inconvenience when there is girlfriend and sex doll on your bed at the same time. Some sex dolls can surprise you and your girlfriend with their noise during sex. If you want to keep your sex activities secret but your doll makes noise, use it when alone or read instructions related to sound options. 

  • Consider Storage:

Sex doll does not take a large space but it might be hard to fit into a small space. You and your girlfriend would not like other people to know about it. Therefore, you should consider storage to keep your sex doll hidden from the sight of other people. 

  • Benefits of Sex Doll: 

Sex dolls allow you and your girlfriend to feel threesome sexual pleasure. You can try your desired actions for as long as you want. These are the latest inventions that might become your permanent sex partner because of many benefits. You and your girlfriend can enjoy sex with them whenever you feel frisky. Moreover, a sex doll will not only be fully devoted to your needs but there will also be no chances of any disease. You can call them aid for the lonely hearts. You can maintain your strong relationship with your girlfriend. Enjoy sex with sex dolls if you and your girlfriend want to live away from any sexually transmitted disease.

Many people love threesome sexual experience with their sex dolls and girlfriends. It is true that these cannot replace her but can enhance your and your girlfriend’s urge to have sex with any other girl. Moreover, couples at a young age have fantasies about threesome sex. Sex dolls can give you great pleasure without involving someone else. You and your girlfriend can use them in your desired sex positions to explore sexual pleasure.  

Many men believe in that because sex dolls give the best threesome sexual experience, so these can improve their relationship. It is true because you can control yourself for avoiding premature ejaculation while having sex with your girlfriend. Moreover, you can learn new techniques and enhance your sex performance to make your girlfriend happy in the bed.

Sex dolls will come along with new worlds of threesome sexual pleasure. You and your girlfriend will get lost in sex.  

Sex dolls are made up of such a material that ensures skin like feelings when touched. Due to their real hair, you can further customize them to look like celebrities. The flexible skeletal structure makes it easy to try different sexual positions. However, avoid actions that may severely affect the health and overall performance of your penis. If you feel sore, agitation, or any other uncommon sign, then you should concern your doctor as soon as possible.

From low to high price ranged sex dolls, all are made with the best quality material. You will not find any doll with the same quality in common shops. Material is the main thing that you must focus on before finalizing your order. It will be giving the best threesome sexual pleasure, so think well and select one that appeals to you and your girlfriend. The sex doll will be with you in fulfilling your girlfriend’s sexual fantasies. Never forget to treat it carefully and as per instructions.

Final Words:

Some of you would still be shying about the subject, but the fact is that many couples want to explore the world of threesome sexual pleasure. Sex dolls are moving up in acceptability, and many couples use it without letting other people know about it. You and your girlfriend will be one of them, so place an order now.

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