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How To Use Sex Dolls After Purchasing

How To Use Sex Dolls After Purchasing

The First day after purchasing a sex doll is very important. The sex doll is a great investment. It does not only offer sexual needs but also companionship to people with personal reasons. Besides that, dolls can bring unusual spice in relationships.

 They are great to spend time and will not judge your wallet, job, car, fantasies, looks, and hangups. This big investment can even make you go in debt but it is worthy. In this article, we want to ensure you enjoy the investment. Here, we will cover the user guide about using a sex doll after purchase.

Unbox and assemble parts

This is an important part before bedding your new lover, the sex doll must be unboxed and assembled. Here are simple steps to follow

Step one: transport the doll to a spacious room

Some sex dolls have much weight and this surprises first-time users. Full-size silicon dolls weigh about 50 to 70 pounds including the package weight. Henceforth, the doll can weigh 80 pounds on arrival. You must be ready to move the package if you live in an apartment if you are disabled or elderly. You can call a friend or tip delivery person to help you. The sex doll should be placed in spacious floor space.

Step two: Open the product

After the package is put on the floor, get a box cutter, and cut the tape on the top edges of the box and open. Be careful to avoid the risk of cutting your new partner. The box will open up after you have cut the tape.

Step three: wash hands

Wash hands carefully before you touch the doll. This will help to prevent stains of dirty hands on your partner.

Step four: unpack sex doll’s head

The head is placed on the upper thighs of the silicon partner. Remove the foam wrap carefully and take out the head. Place it on top of the bag and you will return to it after getting the body out. Besides that, you can use the bag o store head.

Step five: unpack accessories

Manufacturers include accessories such as cleaning tools, storage systems, and clothing. Remove them and place them aside.

Step six: remove body foam

Use a pair of scissors to get rid of the foam from the skin. Be careful not to damage the doll. You can review on youtube to see how foam is removed carefully.

Step seven: remove the doll

Wrap arms around the silicon partner and lift from the box. You can use an office chair to move her around the house. Get wet clothe and wipe instead of a bath. Attach the head and put wig gently.

Making love to sex dolls

Most customers purchase a sex doll to serve as real sexual companionship. Here are the best practices to follow:

Vaginal sex

This is a common practice that people enjoy sex. Dolls come with fixed or removable vagina depending on your choice. The vagina gives extra pleasure that feels like having sex with a real human. The procedure is simple the way you contemplate a real partner. Place the doll in your desired position and penetrate like you always do. The feeling combines pressure and friction. You can decide to finish inside the vagina. Make sure you follow guidelines after your shots.

Anal sex

Anal sex is healthy and more pleasure to people. This is something that you can fantasize about. Nonetheless, it is not easy to find a willing partner who is ready to have anal sex. Female and male silicon dolls are functional when it comes to anal sex. Penetrate in the anal and feel the realistic intense experience.  

Oral sex

Silicon doll offers a fun blow job just like human beings. Manufacturers create the doll’s mouth to look pretty and give pleasure. You have to include lube, it helps to lower friction and gives an amazing feeling. On top of that, you will receive countless blow jobs without worrying about the stiff neck.


Lubricants are great for making sexual experiences more pleasurable. You should always pick water-based lubricants. Silicone lubricants and oil lubricants can damage the sex doll through stains. Water-based lubricants include Astroglide and KY jelly. Simply put the lubricant on the area you want to penetrate. In addition to that, you can go dry by using baby powder. It lowers friction and gives a unique sexual feeling.


Opinions vary when it comes to dressing a doll. Some customers do not bother about dressing while others care. Clothing can have a role to play and serve as a fantasy. If you enjoy dressing, go ahead and purchase accessories for your doll. Take the sex doll’s measurements and find the right size of clothes from stores. Purchase inexpensive ones to spend less money on imperfect fit. Moreover, you can use safety pins to make an attractive silhouette.

How to clean the sex doll after use

A clean and well-maintained sex doll lasts longer. You can order vaginal irrigators online or local stores to help you with cleaning. Put soapy water or water in the bulb syringe. Insert in the area you used and squeeze the bulb. This will flush out everything. The process is best for a fixed vagina. On the contrary, a removable vagina works differently when it comes to cleaning. It is the most simple to clean, remove the vagina and place it in a shower or sink for cleaning.

You can decide to use a condom. However, the cleaning process is simple hence it should not scare you. Wipe the doll after use and ensure it is dry. Get rid of tight clothing to avoid stains. You can choose to use cornstarch powder to apply to the doll before storage.


Every doll is sold with a storage kit. This is used to hang the doll in the closet or any space. TPE and silicone are sensitive to temperature. Place sex doll in normal temperatures.

Final thoughts

Everyone deserves to be loved and have companionship. However, this is not possible to find in humans. People are traumatized and have other personal issues when it comes to finding true love. This makes it difficult for them to mingle and create a relationship with partners.  Sex dolls are the recommended medicine for such patients. Users are advised to follow guidelines when it comes to picking, purchasing, using, and maintaining a sex doll. Users should be extra cautious when they unbox the sex doll on arrival. This will help to prevent damages or cuts on the skin.

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