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Introduction To Sex Doll Brothels

Introduction To Sex Doll Brothels

With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly exploring sex. While sex dolls continue to develop, the first sex doll brothel appeared in 2017. As the name suggests, these are sex doll brothels rather than human brothels.

The sex doll brothel provides various types of life-size realistic sex dolls. You can choose dolls for sex, companionship, eating, chatting, etc. Each room has music, candlelight and pornographic movies for guests to watch. The sex doll brothel will also provide free condoms, lubricants and other supplies. The lifelike dolls in the brothel ensure the same experience as women.

In this article, we will introduce the sex doll brothel in detail from the following aspects.

  • History and Development of Sex Doll Brothel.
  • Why Are Sex Doll Brothels Popular?
  • How to use sex doll brothels?
  • Benefits of Sex Doll Brothels.
  • Disadvantages of Sex Dolls Brothels.
  • Comparison of Sex Doll Brothels and Buying a Sex Doll.

History and Development of Sex Doll Brothel: 

First, let us start with the emergence of sex dolls to understand the history and development of sex doll brothels.

The use of sex dolls started in the sixteenth century. At that time, Spanish and French sailors had to face isolation during long voyages. They started to use hand-sewn puppets for masturbation made of leather and cloths. Hence, they are the direct predecessor to present sex dolls. 

In 1968, pornographic magazines started to advertise sex dolls. However, inflatable material of sex dolls was not suitable for long use. By the 1770s, companies started to use silicone material in the manufacturing of sex dolls to give them a resemblance to humans.   

In 1997, sex dolls manufacturers introduced sex dolls with tin-cure silicon mannequins. By 2009, companies started to use platinum material to enhance the durability of sex dolls and make them more lifelike. 

The concept of sex dolls brothels is not old since these introduced in 2017. Later on, it was accepted in different states from Russia to Canada. Now, these are available in the market with drastically improved material to ensure human-like sexual experience. It is the right time for sex dolls brothels to start making good money by ordering some models online.  

In 2017, the first sex dolls brothel opened in Spain. Following its success, new brothels opened in Italy, Japan and Russia. Moreover, these are going to open few new branches in UK, USA, and Canada. 

After 2017, many sex doll brothels have appeared around the world, most of which are located in Europe. Up to now, some sex doll brothels are still open, and some of them have suspended their services due to public protests. For security and privacy reasons, most sex doll brothels will not disclose their detailed addresses, you can get the address information by contacting them.

Among them, Lumidolls, Xdoll, and The Dolly Parlour are 3 representative sex doll brothels.

Name: Lumidolls brothel

Location: Barcelona

Lumidolls established the world’s first sex doll brothel in Barcelona in 2017. In addition, Lumidolls has established sex doll brothels in Moscow, Turin and Nagoya. 100% legal, absolutely confidential, using only the best silicone and TPE are their three promises.

Name: Xdoll

Location: Paris

Xdoll is the first doll brothel in France. The price for one hour is 89 euros, and the price for two hours is 149 euros. If you are a couple, the price for one hour is 149 Euros. In addition, you can also choose to use sex dolls at home or elsewhere, and the price starts at 250 euros.

Please note that payment is made by cash or credit card on the day of the reservation.

Name: The Dolly Parlour

Location: Greenwich

The Dolly Parlour opened in Greenwich, UK in 2018. According to reports, this is also the first sex doll brothel in the UK. Customers can make reservations through the contact form on their website.

Why Are Sex Doll Brothels Popular?

After the opening of sex doll brothels, the number of bookings has greatly exceeded expectations. So why are sex doll brothels popular? It is undeniable that some people are out of curiosity. In addition, it is because these prostitutes enable shy people to try sexual fantasies, and the people who like them most are those who do not want to have sex with real men or women. At some stage of life, people have fewer tendencies to build sexual relationships with real humans. Sex dolls keep them away from cold-hearted people and fulfill their needs under the roof of brothels. 
Many people cannot develop sexual relationships with other people due to cultural and language differences. Sex dolls brothels are offering them synthetic partners at lower costs. People who have sex with these dolls cannot consider going back to human prostitutes. 
Sex dolls brothels are an alternative for timid, repressed, and law-abiding people to seek out their sexual fantasies. These are not less than a blessing for the people who have social skills deficits. According to research on the sex dolls brothels, most clients visit there who feel difficulty establishing sexual relationships with other people. Therefore, they remain in search of alternative forms to fulfill their sexual desires without involving other people. Sex dolls are also an option for people who have unsatisfying sexual relationships with their partners. Sex dolls brothels are like a heaven for the people who feel no attraction in their spouse. They love to start a new romance with a silicone doll rather than developing sexual relationships with other humans. 

How to use sex doll brothels?

The use of sex doll brothels is not complicated. There are subtle differences between different sex doll brothels, but the basic process is the same.

First, make a reservation according to your needs on the official website of the sex doll brothel.

After the booking is successful, you will receive an email containing your request.

After confirming that the information is correct, you will receive the detailed address of the sex doll brothel and your booking details.

Arrive at the sex doll brothel before your appointment time, the staff will first confirm your appointment information with you.

You will then be taken to a bedroom to meet the sex doll of your choice. Before use, the waiter has thoroughly cleaned and disinfected the doll. You will find condoms and lubricants in the room. You can watch some pornographic movies with the sex doll, or you can have sex with her immediately.

Please enjoy the rest of the time.

Benefits of Sex Doll Brothels:

Indeed, sex dolls built to make the people feel they are touching and interacting with a real person. Sex dolls brothels are a revolutionary idea for the societies who want to minimize sexual exploitation and prostitution. These brothels can tackle the prostitution business, both legal and illegal, by reducing sex workers’ demand. Such brothels are becoming more and more popular due to the following advantages:

1. Sex with Dolls is Safe:

Whenever a customer leaves the room, the doll is properly cleaned-up before starting the next session. Employees at sex dolls brothels take an hour to clean and prepare the doll for ensuring safe sexual pleasure. They put the doll underneath a shower and wash it with warm water and soap. Moreover, orifices of sex dolls are blasted with a pressure cleaner equipped with a germ-killing lamp. All of this cleaning process ensures that the next customer will experience safe sex. 

There is no risk of any sexually transmitted diseases like living sex workers. Sex dolls brothels ensure people can enjoy whatever sex position they desire on these lifeless objects. 

2.  Legal Sex:

Sex dolls brothels are legal sourceS of sex for adults who do not want to break the law. Adults have more sexual desire, but the law does not allow them to express their desires openly. They can fulfill their sexual fantasies at a cheaper rate. Sex dolls can give them same-sex experience as a living sex worker. These intimate objects at brothels can help them fulfilling all of their sexual fantasies. 

3. Sex Dolls Brothels Less Expensive:

Sex dolls brothels have joined the market by a few years. Most of them do not offer sex at higher prices. Therefore, most of the people consider going there an amazing experience.

Sex with dolls is less expensive as compare to real humans. People can have sexual pleasure with their favorite toy from $100 to $150. During this session, patrons can watch porn, shower, and do sex in their ideal positions.

4. Sex with Absolute Privacy:  

The sex doll brothel ensures your absolute privacy. The sex doll brothel will provide a private environment where people will not have to look for hiding places to keep them away from spouses and family members.

5. Sex without Committing Infidelity:

Moreover, sex dolls at brothels can save the people from committing infidelity, especially if they are in a monogamous relationship. It will be hard to characterize all sex doll lovers, so they should be considered the same as other people who buy sex and hire prostitutes. 

6. Sex Dolls as Romantic Partners:

Sex dolls make people worry, and sexual frustration melts away without destroying their married life. People adore them because they do not want to cheat their wives. Moreover, they found sex dolls more romantic since the pillow talk is one way, and they do not hear arguments. 

7. No Annoying Dilemma:  

Sex doll brothels are legal in countries where human prostitution is illegal. Such brothels are opening up from Canada to Russia. These are reforming the world’s oldest profession trends. Dolls are not real humans, so most of the civilized societies have no concern regarding sexual explorations. Therefore, sex dolls brothel owners and clients do not face a few of prostitution’s annoying dilemmas.  

8. No Risk of Baby:

At sex dolls brothels, people say that they get the partner for sexual pleasure that cannot give birth. These synthetic partners can help the countries in reducing their population. However, it does not mean that people will not marry, and other traditional values will quit from life. 

Disadvantages of Sex Dolls Brothels:

Although sex dolls can mitigate human suffering but still there are some disadvantages to their use. Given below are some of the most dominant disadvantages that must be kept in mind before making a relationship with sex dolls. 

  1. Sex dolls brothels can enhance social isolation because people will have no more interest in humans around them. 
  2. People must even hide from their families that they have been to sex doll brothels, because these are not generally accepted in culture.
  3. People cannot find and meet sex dolls, like real humans, on the internet, and by using the latest dating apps. However, these apps make it easy to find a matching partner in the surroundings to fulfill the sexual desire. 
  4. Many men do not like sex with their wives after the birth of kids. At this stage, if they start patronizing sex doll brothels instead of having fun with their life-partner. It will severely affect their marriage life and their wives will face isolation and disappointing feelings, which may lead to divorce.

But as long as you are not overly addicted, or your family rejects it very much, this usually does not happen.

Comparison of Sex Doll Brothels and Buying a Sex Doll:

After reading the above content, I believe you have a better understanding of sex doll brothels.

Some friends may be entangled, so is it better to go to the sex doll brothel? Or is it better to buy sex dolls yourself? We have made a simple comparison from the existing circumstances , the choice of sex doll types, costs, usage time and privacy, and you can choose according to your actual needs.

Sex Doll Brothels

Existing Circumstances: Some countries are opening up sex doll brothels, which will encourage other countries to legalize them as soon as possible. Some people support the opening of such brothels in their area, but at the same time some people are opposed to it. Therefore, it cannot be opened smoothly in most countries, and only a few countries have sex doll brothels.

Click here to see if there are sex doll brothels in your country.

Choice Of Sex Doll Types: sex doll brothels usually provide 2-6 different sex dolls for customers to choose from.

Cost: 100-300 USD/hour

Use Time: You can choose to purchase and use by the hour according to your needs.

Privacy: The sex doll brothel will definitely protect your privacy, but because it is the environment in which you live, it is difficult to be sure that there will be no leaks.

Buy sex dolls

Existing Circumstances: Sex dolls are more and more popular among single men, couples, and couples, bringing them different sexual experiences. Except for banning sex dolls in some Arab countries, sex dolls are legal in 90% of the world. As long as you buy a sex doll, the sex doll supplier will secretly ship the sex doll to your home or designated location.

Choice Of Sex Doll Types: There are usually dozens of categories and hundreds of products in sex doll shops for you to choose from.

Cost: Depending on the material and size of the sex doll, it costs between 499-3000 US dollars.

Duration Of Use: every moment.

Privacy: The sex doll manufacturer will deliver the goods confidentially and ensure that the outer packaging has no marks. You are the only person who knows what is in the box.

If you just want to try a different sex life experience, you can try patronizing sex doll brothels. But if you are a sex doll lover, you should buy sex dolls instead of repeatedly visiting these brothels, so that your expenses will be less and the experience will be better. After buying a sex doll, you can have sex with her at any time. You can place an order through the sex doll online store, and within a few days you will see your favorite sex doll at home.

The above is an introduction to the sex doll brothel. If you have any ideas, please leave us a message. Thank you for reading.

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