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Payment Failure Solution

If your order fails there may be the following reasons. Please check the reason and place your order again.

1. Do not honour

The bank believed that the transaction was a cross-border international payment, and worried that it was not the cardholder’s own transaction or the cardholder’s card did not have an international payment function, so it did not authorize the transaction, resulting in failure.

The cardholder needs to contact the bank to explain that the payment is made in person and ask for authorization from the bank.

After authorization, you can place a new order, and the order will be successful. Or you can also contact us, we will re-debit and the order will be successful.

2. Fraud suspicion

Cardholders who pay too frequently in a short period of time, or pay too much will be judged as fraudulent, so the bank rejects the transaction.

The cardholder can change the credit card to place the order again.

3. High risk

You need to provide a photo of the credit card. The middle number of the card can be blocked, and the first four digits and the last six digits of the card number should be reserved.

After that, please call the bank to explain that you are using a credit card and ask the bank for authorization.

Please let us know after authorization and send your credit card photo, we will re-debit and the order will be successful.

4. Credit Card Number is invalid

Please place a new order and make sure your credit number is correct.

5. Expired card /Insufficient balance/Over credit limit

You can change the credit card and place the order again.

If you still fail to place an order after following the above steps, please contact our online customer service or send an email to, and we will help you solve the problem.


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