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Sex Doll Body Options Introduction

Sex Doll Body Options Introduction

In order to meet the best needs of customers, you can choose different body options to personalize your sex doll when you buy at Zlovedoll. A purchase can sometimes be daunting because of the fact that customers are not well aware of the features. You might be interested in buying a sex doll with fixed vagina and curly hair, but only realize when the product is delivered that this is not what you wanted. We are eliminating these unpleasant purchases.

In this article, we are going to give you a broad view of “Sex Doll Body Options Introduction” to help you understand how sex doll customization works.” You will be able to read all the different options available as part of the sex doll and make preferences and deny others to lead higher levels of satisfaction.

Now you you will have the ability to read and select the desirable options yourself and simply proceed with an order that fulfills your requirements. This changes the way you thought about sex dolls and helps you avail the freedom to choose a more personalized sex doll that takes you a step closer to bring your dream into reality.

Which body parts are customizable?

Now, you might be thinking what parts can I choose that better satisfies my concerns and can I change a particular feature I don’t want in a doll that you otherwise might be interested in.

Here is a list of the parts that we can offer with exclusivity to cater them according to your interests and needs.

Hairstyle (Wigs)


A single doll can have so many hairstyles because these are wigs installed on their heads which gives the freedom of personalization or simply customization. These wigs can simply be modified according to the choice of customers and depending on the face structure, looks and eye color.

We are going to list all of the possible hair wigs available to cater your needs. This enables you to choose the most plausible hair wig to suit your dream sex doll.


Bob: A bob cut is short or medium in length with a cut near the head across the jaw and often fringing to the front.

Perm: Perm means permanent which refers to long hairs with half curls.

Pig Tails: A hairstyle with twin braids on the two extremes of head.

Dyed: This refers more to the color of hair which enables you to choose a hairstyle wig with particular color such as lilac or smoky or any other hair dye.

Some of the other possible hairstyle wigs available are; Hime Cut, Afro, Curly, Lob, Bunches, Perm.

Eye Color


Changing the eye color of a doll can completely change the looks of a doll.

Sex dolls come with removable eyes and therefore you can always choose one eye color over another. We can simply replace one eye color with another to help you choose better.

Possible Options

You can simply ask for your favorite eye color but we are going to list few of them for your convenience.

The possible eye colors are; Dark Blue, Brown, Yellow Green Gray Cat, etc.

Skin Color


Sex dolls come in almost all human colors which means you have the choice to choose any skin color.

Different skin colors are offered and each have their specific name which differs from each other based on skin tone. So if you are inclined to a particular skin tone than other, you have the freedom to order sex doll with your favorite skin tone.

Possible Options

Some of the possible skin tones include: White, Pink, Brown and Dark Brown.

Areola Color

The term “Aerola” refers to the rounded area that surrounds the nipples on top of breasts.  


Aerola greatly changes the pattern and attraction for different people and luckily you can choose your desired Aerola color. We always offer the flexibility to modify the aerola color to comply with your demands because designers in our manufacturing units can always choose to stain the aerola with your favorite color.

Possible Options

We have arranged some of the most popular colors for you to choose from and these include: Pink, Orange Brown, Brown.

Areola Size


Aerola Size refers to the diameter of the circular spot around the nipple. Since the Aerola can have a limited area with respect to the size of breast, there is always a limit indicated by its texture and area. Although we can extend the tanned area to increase or decrease its size still there are limits to it.

Possible Options

The best way is to retain the stained area within the recommended options. Our designers choose the most appropriate size with respect to the breast. There are three  Aerola sizes with a slight increase in the Aerola diameter for each different option. You can choose the “same as photo” option incase if you find it hard to communicate that size.  

Labia Color


Labia in simple words refers to the lips of vagina. Labia color is customizable because of the varying interests of customers.

Labia colors are offered in different definitions and an array of basic human colors which are often better stained by the top designers to make them as realistic as possible.

Possible Options

Generally, staining can be done in any of the basic color scheme but the focus is always to match human colors. As a general rule, it is always recommended to stain Aerola and Labia with the same color which makes the body more artistic in looks. But you always have the freedom to choose your favorite intensity.

Some of the most popular colors are: Pink, Orange Brown, Brown.

Vagina Type


Vagina is by far the most important part of a sex doll because it is the most intimate part of a sex doll. Now, you might be thinking, how can we customize vagina? And what are the pros and cons of personalization at this level? Let’s explore this in more detail.

Possible Options

There are two main options when it comes to exclusivity in vagina type and you are offered to choose one that you matches your interests.

The two main options are:

Fixed Vagina: The fixed version is an in-built system pre-installed into the body of sex doll. This means no part of vagina of the sex doll can be altered or replaced.


  • Fixed vagina mimics a real human vagina with its realistic design
  • Because of its fixed nature, it feels better to touch and provides better levels of lust and pleasure.
  • The degree of how open the legs are; defines how tight the vagina is.
  • It is more reliable which is why it can be used with confidence.
  • It is more convenient to use during sex


  • In case, you have a heavy or large sized doll, it might require greater effort to clean and wash it.
  • In case of flipping the doll, you might find buyers reluctant to buy it.
  • You will have to make extra effort to maintain the doll, since washing and navigation is required

Insert Vagina

Insert vagina is similar to fixed one except that it has wider internal linings which allows the insertion and accommodation of a “removable sleeve” which facilitates the process of washing and cleaning the body liquids after sexual intercourse.


  • Easily remove the insert sleeve from the vagina of the doll to wash it.
  • You can use more than one insert sleeves to substitute one by the other
  • You have the freedom to buy sleeves of different sizes.
  • It is no different than fixed vagina on the upper surface.
  • Easily replace the sleeve which gives you ultimate freedom to wait for cleaning and waiting then for drying.


  • Insertion of sleeve inside the vagina requires the use of lubrication or powder.
  • It gives a less sensible feeling on the inside.
  • Unwanted movement of the sleeve may be disruptive sometimes.
  • It can create the feelings of uneasiness to insert when lubricated.

Breast Options


There is certainly a choice to make when it comes to breasts and that is you can choose between Hollow and Solid breasts. Breasts also have different shapes which is indicated in the picture of the doll which you can choose by indicating same as picture in your order.

Possible Options

Hollow: When the breast maintains its overall shape but has no solid mass inside.


  • Hollow breasts are light and can easily be squeezed.
  • They minimize unnecessary weight and hence cost of the doll in case if you are opting for a doll with big boobs.

Solid: When the breast certainly maintains the overall shape but indeed is filled with mass of TPE or Silicone.


  • Feels highly realistic because of the inner uniform presence of TPE.
  • Maintains its shape for almost an infinite amount of time


  • Contributes its part to the weight of a doll and make it weighted if the boobs are huge.

Vagina Hair

Vaginal Hair or pubic hair have a completely unpredictable reaction from buyers – some like it and order complete hair, others want hair in moderate amount and length and yet there are people who want completely clean and clear surface.

Possible Options

There are three different possibilities.

  • Embedded in the skin of a doll at pubic area
  • Hair glued to the surface of the pubic area.
  • No hair at all with clean and clear vagina.

Pros of having vagina hair

  • Makes the vagina of a doll highly realistic.
  • Some people want to feel of presence of hair

Cons of having vagina hair

  • Not pleasant for people allergic to pubic hair.
  • Takes extra effort to wash out body fluids.

Pros of no hair on vagina

  • It makes the vagina look clean and attractive
  • Penetration is pleasant
  • Vagina feels smooth and adorable
  • Less effort is required in washing

Cons of no hair on vagina

  • No hair at all can make the vagina less realistic
  • Sometimes users need to feel hair

Standing Foot Option


Sex dolls have standing foot option which enables the sex doll to stand upright.

The standing feet option have three metal bolts that protrude out of the lower surface of the feet. It has a huge advantage, as this barely noticeable feature can come with a lot of advantages.


  • Makes it easier to take photographs of the sex doll.
  • Easily store the doll in standing position.
  • Ease in dressing the sex doll.
  • Conveniently move it around.
  • More options to adapt sex positions.


  • Bolts are visible at the lower end of the feet of the doll.
  •   The feel is not always pleasant

Heating System


The human body temperature is 37o C and maintaining this temperature for a sex doll can often be challenging. Therefore, it requires proper heating system that can bring the doll close to human temperatures for warmth.

Below are some of the most widely used methods that can be used to help your reduce the cost as well as effectively warm up your sex doll for a more realistic sexual intercourse.

Alternative Methods

Below are some of the most widely used methods that can be used to help your reduce the cost as well as effectively warm up your sex doll for a more realistic sexual intercourse.

Heating Rod

A heating rod that you normally receive by default with your sex doll, is an external rod connected through a wire to a source of electricity that can be placed inside the vagina, mouth or other parts of the sex dolls for heating.


  • Easy to use as it can simply be placed into the desired parts.
  • Quick heating which reduces the time spent on heating.


  • Cannot be used to heat whole body of the sex doll.

Electric Blanket/Heating Pad

Electric blanket or heating pad is yet another external source of heating the sex dolls. A warm pad or electric blanket that has a heating source is used to cover the sex doll and heat the vagina or mouth or butt hole and in some cases the whole body of sex doll.


  • It is reliable as compared to others.
  • Heats up the sex doll in pretty short time


  • Exposure of the sex doll for longer time than suggested can damage the skin of the doll.
  • Inconvenient to use.

Hot Bath

If you do not want to use any electric source to heat up your doll. You can easily use the alternate way of Hot Bath by soaking your sex doll in hot water and give her a quick bath.


  • Quickly heats up the sex doll.
  • Easy and cheap way to heat the sex doll. 


  • Imbalance of heating can cause damage to the doll.
  • Higher chances of getting the hair of the doll wet.

Although the different heating methods like Heating Pad, Electric Blanket and Hot Bath reduce the general cost of heating but there are always cons like less regulation which can lead to damage the skin of sex doll. Therefore, a wise way of choosing the heating system is to adapt the default heating system that comes with instructions and helps you achieve your desired heat levels with safety.

Now, you have a fair idea of what are the different possible options of customization for a sex doll. You can choose all those characters which comply with your needs and simply switch to one particular feature from another before making a purchase in your desired sex dolls.

In case, you feel there is any sort of ambiguity and cannot decide the best version for yourself. You can reach out to us and our customer support team will address you to make the right choices.

Feel free to get in touch with us!

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