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Zlovedoll has its own factory and team and is responsible for the production, sale, and transportation of sex dolls. We have strict QA/QC of design and production of sex dolls. By constantly optimizing product quality and enhancing the price-performance ratio, we will bring our customers the best experience.

Our company’s goal is to make our customers happy in sex life byshopping for realistic sex dolls online. Thank you for your support.


All our lifelike sex dolls are made of safe, non-toxic, and medical-grade TPE or silicone. Sex dolls are subject to comprehensive quality inspections before releasing them at the factory. As a personal sex toy, we always put quality in the first place.


We have eight-year experience in sex doll production and sales, which is one of the best sex doll companies. We offer full body and basic customizations to help you meet your fantasy sex dolls.


Free international shipping. You can check the shipping status at any time with a tracking number. Our 24/7 online customer service is always available to answer your questions. If there is damage due to the shipping, we will return it for free and you can order with confidence.


What is a sex doll?

The sex doll is a human-sized and shaped adult toy that allows the user to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Currently, all sex dolls available on the market are divided into female and male. Female sex dolls typically have vagina, anus, and open mouths that allow men to put their penis into the hole for pleasure. Male sex dolls have a penis and are used mainly for women and gays.

With the development of the sex doll industry, sex dolls have more and more additional features. In addition to the basic features, you can select features such as standing, heating, voice, and AI to make the sex doll more like a real   human.

You also need to know the following:

  • Sex dolls are generally made of TPE and silicone.
  • Sex doll appearance looks like a real  human, and the skin feels soft and real.
  • Each joint of the sex doll is equipped with a stand that allows her to change positions.
  • Sex dolls are divided into categories such as shapes, styles, characteristics, and more. Whether you love sexy, cute, big breasts, Asian or African, you can find your favorite one.
  • If you want something special, you can also choose our customization services to create your perfect doll.

The use of sex dolls.

The main uses of sex dolls include satisfying users’ sexual needs, display, decoration, and dressing purposes.

Who uses sex dolls?

  • People who have been single without sexual partners for a long time and want a real sex life.
  • People with unique sexual habits.
  • Couples who want to add some special fun to theirsexual life.
  • People who want to have a girl who is willing to accept each side of you and always accompany you.
  • Photographers who need exquisite and beautiful models.
  • People who are worried about infectious diseases.
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