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Zlovedoll has its own factory and team and is responsible for the production, sale, and transportation of sex dolls. We have strict QA/QC of design and production of sex dolls. By constantly optimizing product quality and enhancing the price-performance ratio, we will bring our customers the best experience.

Our company’s goal is to make our customers happy in sex life byshopping for realistic sex dolls online. Thank you for your support.


All our lifelike sex dolls are made of safe, non-toxic, and medical-grade TPE or silicone. Sex dolls are subject to comprehensive quality inspections before releasing them at the factory. As a personal sex toy, we always put quality in the first place.


We have eight-year experience in sex doll production and sales, which is one of the best sex doll companies. We offer full body and basic customizations to help you meet your fantasy sex dolls.


Free confidential international shipping. You can check the shipping status at any time with a tracking number. If there is damage due to the shipping, we will return it for free and you can order with confidence.


About Zlovedoll

Zlovedoll is one of the best sex doll companies, headquartered in Guangdong Province, China. As of 2020, we have accumulated 8 years of production and sales experience in the sex doll industry. We are committed to providing customers with affordable Realistic sex dolls.

We have our own sex doll factory. Zlovedoll is solely responsible for everything from production to transportation, eliminating intermediate costs and bringing more affordable prices to consumers. Below is the actual shot of our factory.

Browse About Us to learn more about Zlovedoll.

Worried About Buying Fake Or Defective Sex Dolls?

You don’t have to worry about it at Zlovedoll. We guarantee that we will never sell any fake or defective sex dolls! We guarantee that all sex dolls are 100%authentic, and the raw materials are medical grade TPE and silicone. We try our best to make the details the best.

To be honest, because we hope you will get a good user experience after buying Zlovedoll sex dolls, and can recommend us to interested people around you.

If we sell bad products, it will have an impact on our brand. And doing business is to do it for a long time, all customer feedback is very important.

If you have any questions, you can contact our online customer service. If you have any logistics damage to the sex doll at the time of receipt, we will return or exchange it for free. Zlovedoll will provide comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales services, so that you can buy and use with confidence.

Why Choose Zlovedoll?

High Quality

We only sell 100% authentic sex dolls. We use medical grade TPE and silicone as raw materials to ensure safety and durability. The skeleton is made of high-quality steel skeleton to make the sex doll imitate the body posture of real human.

And sex dolls have undergone all aspects of quality inspection before shipment to ensure that you receive high-quality sex dolls.

Payment Security

The Zlovedoll sex doll website uses SSL encryption to achieve high-strength two-way encrypted transmission, effectively preventing your data from leaking or being tampered with. Your payment is always safe.

Privacy Security

Due to the special nature of the product, Zlovedoll will provide you with the best privacy protection. The outer packaging of the product will not be marked, and you will be the only person who knows the contents of the product. And no sex doll related content will appear on your bank statement.

Efficient Delivery

We have warehouses in China, the United States, and Japan. We will choose the nearest warehouse to send out the goods according to your destination, reducing the transportation time and allowing you to receive the sex doll you bought as soon as possible.

Best Customer Service

We have professionally trained pre-sales service personnel, and they will answer your questions promptly and accurately when you have any questions during shopping. After you receive the goods, if there is any logistics damage, you can contact us in time, and we will provide you with return or exchange services. Let you buy at ease and use comfortably.


What Is A Sex Doll?

The sex doll is a human-sized and shaped adult toy that allows the user to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Currently, all sex dolls available on the market are divided into female and male. Female sex dolls typically have vagina, anus, and open mouths that allow men to put their penis into the hole for pleasure.

Male sex dolls have a penis and are used mainly for women and gays.

With the development of the sex doll industry, sex dolls have more and more additional features. In addition to the basic features, you can select features such as standing, heating, voice, and AI to make the sex doll more like a real human.

You also need to know the following:

  • Sex dolls are generally made of TPE and silicone.
  • Sex doll appearance looks like a real  human, and the skin feels soft and real.
  • Each joint of the sex doll is equipped with a stand that allows her to change positions.
  • Sex dolls are divided into categories such as shapes, styles, characteristics, and more. Whether you love sexy, cute, big breasts, Asian or African, you can find your favorite one.
  • If you want something special, you can also choose our customization services to create your perfect doll.

The Use Of Sex Dolls.

The main uses of sex dolls include satisfying users’ sexual needs, display, decoration, and dressing purposes.

Who Uses Sex Dolls?

  • Singles who have not had sex for a long time.

Sex dolls simulate different types of real women, but they are more perfect than women in real life, both in appearance and figure. With a sex doll, you no longer need to open pornographic videos and imagine that you are having sex, and then get pleasure through masturbation. The sex doll will lie on your bed, waiting for you to kiss her beautiful facial features, rub her soft and huge breasts, insert the dick into her warm vagina, she can let you enjoy real sex.

  • People with unique sexual habits.

Everyone has their own unique sexual habits, such as fetishism, BDSM, etc., but some sexual habits may not be accepted by your sexual partner. Don’t worry, sex dolls can help you, she will meet all your requirements, whether it is cosplay, humiliation, whipping, etc., as long as you want.

  • Couples who want to add some special fun to their sexual life.

Want to try a threesome? Trying a threesome in real life often leads to various unpredictable situations that affect the relationship between the two parties and even affect normal life. Buying a sex doll may be the best solution. She can let you try a threesome sex carnival, but there is absolutely no potential risk.

  • People who want to have a girl who is willing to accept each side of you and always accompany you.

Has your partner told you that she/he can’t accept you like this and tell you not to be like this? This should be something that many people often hear.

Everyone will have different emotions, but usually only a few people can accept you as a whole. Sex dolls are different, she can accept you who are different, whether it is depressed you, irritable you, sad you or happy you. When you are sad, she can listen to you impatiently, she will be your best listener, and when you are depressed, you will be your companion. Let her accompany you. All the time.

  • Photographers who need exquisite and beautiful models.

Hiring a model usually costs a lot of money and needs to complete the shooting within a specified time. You may wish to try a sex doll. You can choose a sex doll according to your photography style. Whether it is slim, plump or fat, you can find it in a sex doll store without any time limit.

She can be your model forever and complete the photography work you arrange at any time. Of course, her facial features and body are also exquisite and perfect.

  • People who are worried about infectious diseases.

While we enjoy sex, there are also certain potential risks. If the other party deliberately conceals his physical condition, then you may and may also be at risk of infection. Especially during the current novel coronavirus epidemic, home isolation is necessary, and the safest way to have sex when using sex dolls.

The Difference Between TPE Sex Doll And Silicone Sex Doll.

TPE and silicone sex dolls are the two commonly used raw materials on the market. They have many similarities, such as soft, elastic, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. What is the difference between them?

TPE Sex Doll


  • Softer and closer to the real human body’s feeling.
  • High anti-scratch performance. TPE is a high-density and scratch resistance mixture.
  • Better elasticity. TPE sex dolls have more positions than silicone sex dolls. For example, legs can bend towards the breast, folding almost 180 degrees without tearing (Note: neither material can be twisted for a long time, otherwise it may cause irreversible damage.)
  • The price is relatively cheaper and affordable.


  • Poor temperature resistance with safety ranges between 50 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.Beyond the temperature ranges, the doll will deform. Be careful to avoid high temperatures.
  • Easy to dye. The TPE sex doll is easy to dye, please try to avoid wearing dark clothes for the doll and carefully clean and store it after use.

Silicone Sex Doll


  • Good stability. Face makeup can be more beautiful.
  • Not easy to get dirty and easier to clean.
  • Silicone is slightly harder. The simulated skin texture and details are better and more realistic.
  • Resistant to high and low temperatures. Silicone material can resist temperature up to 220 degreesFahrenheit.


  • The price is much higher than the TPE sex dolls.
  • The softness will be relatively poor. It cannot make large movements, and easy to tear.
  • For the same sized sex dolls, silicone sex dolls are heavier.

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of both materials, you can choose the right one to meet your needs.

Why Are The Prices Of Similar Sex Dolls So Different?

When you browse the sex doll store, you may find that the price of similar dolls will vary, mainly because of the following 3 factors.

Material: Because the price of silicone raw materials is more expensive than TPE, the price of silicone sex dolls between similar dolls will be more expensive than TPE sex dolls.

Details: Some sex dolls use artificial hair transplants for their hair and eyebrows, requiring workers to implant the doll skin one by one. Some sex dolls use wigs, so the price of the former will be more expensive.

Brand: Well-known brands will have higher prices because of the added value of the brand, so there are price differences between sex dolls of different brands.

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