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Why are Zlovedoll’s cheaper than that of other websites even for the same product?

Zlovedoll has formed an alliance with all kinds of well-known professional manufacturers and has won over sex doll lovers with our low prices, achieving a remarkable fame within the industry. Whether you prefer soft textured TPE dolls or realistic silicone dolls, you can have them all at Zlovedoll at the best price and get dolls that are comparable to those of expensive online sex doll website but at lower prices.

Zlovedoll as a professional agent with many years of experience in the sale of sex dolls, we have a profound grasp of the sex doll industry.Meanwhile, we have kept optimizing and improving through our accumulation of experiences to reduce the cost of product in order to provide products of the same quality at their lowest prices for doll lovers all over the world.

From our perspective, it is very normal for the same batch of products to be priced differently on different platforms, because there are significant differences in costs for different platforms. So, why are our sex dolls cheaper?

Zlovedoll has invested more funds and hardwork than other manufacturers in an effort to build a system of warehouses overseas. So far, we have established our own warehouses in the United States, Japan, Germany, Australia, Spain. When warehouses were put into use, it resulted in a significant increase in our demand for orders of manufacturer’s sex dolls, and then we could get the same quality of sex dolls at a lower price than usual because of bulk purchase, which is also a way to benefit our customers financially. More importantly, delivery time for customers would be reduced with the help of warehouses, so that you can get your doll sooner.

In international cargo transportation, sea transport accounts for about 2/3 because of its advantages such as strong passing capacity, large volume, and low freight cost. Thus, we use sea transport instead of air transport, which is an important way to reduce logistics costs. One thing, however, is that shipping by sea is slower than by air, so the waiting time will be longer.

Zlovedoll has worked with many manufacturers, so we are of high sales volume as well as wide channels, successfully branding Zlovedoll. With more trusty experiences, we help manufacturers with small sales volume to clear inventory so that you can get the same sex doll as other manufacturers’ at a lower price.


Quality Assurance

All our products use real silicone and TPE materials to provide a safe and realistic user experience. Product qualities are strictly controlled during production and delivered to you with comprehensive quality inspections.

Factory Price

All of our products are shipped from the factory of authentic manufacturers, saving intermediate costs, let consumers buy affordable high-quality sex dolls. At ZLOVE DOLL, you can find dolls of the same quality at low prices.


The sex dolls in the U.S., Germany, Spain, and Japan warehouses only need 3-7 days from ordering to receiving, so that you can receive your favorite sex dolls in the shortest time.

After-sales Assurance

If there are original defects or damages caused by shipping, we will replace or return the doll free of any charges, and you do not need to pay any fees. If you encounter any problems while using the doll, you can reach us at any time via email at, and we will reply within 24 hours.

Order Discount

Our website offers different levels of discounts during the holiday event. You are highly welcome to bookmark our website for the latest event offers. We also offer discounts on bulk orders by purchasing more than two sex dolls. If you are interested, please contact us online or email us at

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