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6YE Doll is a Sino-Japanese joint venture sex doll manufacturing company, and one of the famous sex doll manufacturers in China. 6YE Doll’s sex dolls are all made of medical scientific research grade TPE, using patented skeleton spherical joints to better simulate human posture. The price is moderate and the selection is wide.

The interior of the 6YE Doll sex doll is assembled by galvanized metal bones, glass steel and various mechanical parts. The structure is ergonomic, and the range of activities is similar to that of real people. And 6YE Doll has a realistic appearance, soft and flexible, and the feel and texture are closer to real people. The details of the labia and anus are very real and perfect.

6YE Doll Sex Doll Features

  • 6YE Doll sex doll material uses imported medical research grade TPE polymer non-toxic silica gel.
  • The interior is assembled from stainless steel metal bones (internal skeleton of spherical joints), universal spherical joints, fiberglass fittings and various mechanical parts, so the limbs are very flexible.
  • The correct vagina/anus placement can be easily operated from behind the doll.
  • The details of the labia and anus are perfect and real.
  • The new head connector, as long as the head is placed on the neck, they are connected, easy to operate.
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