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Sex Doll Torso | Love Doll Torso | Sex Torso

Sex Dolls Torso are the sex dolls with minimal yet important features embedded in them to enable men for sexual intercourse. They are also called sex busts and are in huge demand as it is a replica of sex doll with special focus on Torso part of the body. In simple words they can be classified as Torsos with arms but no legs or even torsos with neither legs nor arms. They are made of TPE or Silicone and yet there are variations in different models like half-length Torso, legs Torso, Hip torso, etc.

We are announcing the release of exciting and latest Sex Dolls Torso collections that are designed by design giants in TPE sex dolls industry to enable you to avail you r dream pleasure with limited resources. Browse through out exciting collections and view different Sex Torsos with detailed pictures in the display. You can shop online to avail sex dolls at your doorstep!

Sex Dolls Torsos are sex dolls with only sex centered features to reduce its size, cost and unnecessary weight and still be able to engage men for a lustful sex. In short and simple words Sex Torsos are silicone sex dolls with either no hands or no legs but fully embedded sex centered body features like vagina, boobs and butt. They are no different than normal TPE sex dolls except that they do not either have legs or hands in some cases, because these organs are not very much needed during sexual intercourse.

Why Sex Dolls Torsos?

Some of their most obvious features are listed below;

  • Minimalist Body with either no Legs or no Hands
  • Sex centered body with Vagina, Boobs and Butt
  • Made of Silicone or TPE material to feel realistic
  • Lightweight & Occupy Little Space
  • Need a relatively small budget to buy
  • Internal Metal Skeleton to Support the Shape

Sex Centered Body

If you think you need realistic body for sex but sex dolls are too heavy for you to manage and considering a realistic sex doll bust, you are probably at the right track. Sex Doll Torso are designed for people who want to achieve real pleasure because it has all the necessary features you need to enjoy real pleasure. You can have sex with a torso in vagina, oral and penetrate the butthole and it pretty much makes sense of what you want.

Made of TPE and Silicone

Generally sex dolls are made of TPE or Silicone to make them realistic as you can feel their skin against yours. This is why having sex with these love doll torsos is reasonable as you can get aroused with their touch. Sex dolls torso are no different when it comes to the material they are made of. Also TPE is safe for human skin interaction at all measures with hypo-allergic properties making it universally suitable for all.


Sex dolls are the best choices for people who want to stay away of any toxic relation but sometimes people are frustrated with handling a sex doll, washing and cleaning it and then storing it at a private place because they occupy space.

In this case Sex Doll Torso offer probably the best alternative ever as they are lightweight that can easily be moved around and stored in a private place with less space occupied. This also opens up the flexibility to easily manage and retain your privacy.


The shape of the doll is often a matter of concern and that is why Sex Doll Torsos are shaped with an external TPE layer and an internal metal layer. This makes it durable and long lasting as it retains it’s over a long period of time.


If you think buying a life size sex doll is out of your budget and you cannot afford to buy one, we recommend Sex Doll Torsos because they are available in a fairly low budget and you can easily manage you budget to but one.

We have brought huge collections of finest Torso Sex Toys that you can browse through and choose the best ones for yourself to avail sex dolls online.

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