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Do you want to customize the sex doll of your dreams? Do you have any special requests or needs for your sex doll? Zlovedoll can help you bring your ideas to life! We work with major suppliers, operate our own sex doll factories, and offer customized services to make your dreams come true and to satisfy your most hidden sexual fantasies.

We Offer 4 Types of Customized Services:

  • Full Body Customization – Sex dolls can be customized from head to toe according to your needs and requirements
  • Basic Customization – Choose your favorite head, body, and select additional features
  • Face Makeup Customization – Customize the makeup of your sex doll to your liking
  • Eye Customization – Customize your sex doll’s eyes according to your preference

We will cover the 4 different customization types below. Choose the appropriate customization service according to your needs.

(Click the picture to jump to the corresponding customization.)

Full Body Customization

We can create a unique full-body custom-made sex doll for you whether it’s based on your favorite celebrity, an anime character, or your favorite Ladyfriend! As long as you provide us with relevant information we will be able to help you realize your fantasy.

At present, there are two ways of full body customization: 3D Printing and Clay Sculpture.

If you wish to customize a TPE sex doll we recommend you choose 3D printing. TPE dolls customized by 3D printing produce realistic outcomes and at relatively inexpensive prices.

If you opt to customize a silicone sex doll, it is recommended to opt for the clay sculpture method. Clay sculptures of silicone sex dolls are realistic and can depict details such as skin texture more realistically. The price, however, is a bit more expensive.


  1. Pictures and/or videos showing the type of body you want from multiple angles.
  2. Close-up pictures or images revealing body parts in detail.
  3. A detailed description of body specifications.
  4. Other requests.


  • 3D Printing
  1. You will receive a price quote.
  2. Next, place your order and pay.
  3. After payment is made 3D modeling work begins.
  4. 3D renderings will be sent to you for confirmation on design.
  5. After confirmation, 3D printing and molding starts.
  6. Your sex doll goes into production.
  7. After production, images and a video of your doll will be sent to you for comments and approval.
  8. Delivery.

( 3D Printing Display )

  • Clay sculpture
  1. Send sex doll pictures, video, and detailed body specification to the [email protected].
  2. You will receive a price quote.
  3. Place your order and pay.
  4. Work on the head and body clay sculpture begins.
  5. The design will be sent to you for confirmation.
  6. Next, work on the limb’s clay sculpture begins.
  7. The design will be sent to you for confirmation.
  8. Mold work begins.
  9. Then production.
  10. Lastly, images and a video of the doll will be sent to you for final approval.
  11. Delivery.

( Clay Sculpture Display )


  • Head only: approximately 1 months
  • Body only: approximately 2 months
  • Full body customization: approximately 4-5 months

* Actual production lead times are determined by factory.


  • 3D Printing

Head Only: TPE (starting from $1000), Silicone Head Wig (starting from $1300), Silicone Head Hair Transplant (starting from $1500)

Body Only: TPE (starting from $2000), Silicone (starting from $4000)

Full Body Customization: TPE (starting from $3000), Silicone (starting from $5000)

  • Clay Sculpture

Head Only: TPE (starting from $1600), Silicone Head Wig (starting from $1900), Silicone Head Hair Transplant (starting from $2100)

Body Only: TPE (starting from $4400), Silicone (starting from $6400)

Full body customization: TPE (starting from $6000), Silicone (starting from $8000)

Basic Customization

Zlovedoll works in partnership with 4 brands – Aibei Doll, SY Doll, Zelex, Irontech Doll – to provide you with professional standard customization. With just a few clicks of a button, you can choose your favorite head, body, and other feature options all online and at the comfort of your home.


  • First, choose a brand.
  • Then, choose your preferred head and body type.
  • Next, add free or paid for options to your doll.

( * Click below to “Read More” to learn about the differences between the options. )

Read More



  • Aibei: 3-5 days.
  • SY Doll: 3-5 days.
  • Zelex: 7-15 days
  •  Irontech Doll: 5-7 days.


Price will vary depending on the selected brand and whether or not paid for options where chosen. The total and final price can be seen with in your shopping cart.

Click on the brand image below to start basic customization!

Makeup Customization

Do you like the facial features and body type of your sex doll but not the makeup? With makeup customization services your problem is now solved! Zlovedoll offers facial makeup customization services to make your doll look just the way you want her to.

(The same sex doll with different makeup.)


  1. Head to our website, choose your favorite sex doll, place an order.
  2. If you have any makeup requests please send them along with pictures or images and order number to [email protected].
  3. Customer service will immediately reply back to you with a price quote.
  4. After payment, your sex doll will begin production.


Production and makeup customization usually take 3-5 days depending on complexity of order.


Expect to pay around $100-300. The final price will vary depending on customization request. For details, please contact online customer service.

Eye Customization

Do you like unique eyes in anime? Reincarnation eyes, white eyes, vampire eyes, etc. Zlovedoll has a professional manufacturer who can customize the one-eye according to your requirements.


There are two types of eyes: non-movable and movable.

Non-movable eyeballs are semi-circular, allowing for slight adjustments in the doll’s eye gaze.

Movable eyeballs are circular, providing the flexibility to change the doll’s eye gaze.


In addition to ordinary eyes, Zlovedoll can also customize “electric eyes” for you.

When the switch is closed, it is a normal eye, and when the switch is open, it is an “electro-optical eye”, which perfectly restores the anime eyes. You can check the electro-optical eye example below.

If you choose to customize the “Electric Eye,” we will send you a small magnet. The magnet when in contact with dolls eyes will make the eyes turn brighter! By using the magnet to touch the eyes a second time, the eyes will return back to normal. Check out the video below to see how it all works!


Sex dolls of different materials, body types, and brands have varying eye sizes. We offer three eye sizes for selection: 25mm, 30mm, and 32mm. If you wish to customize other eye size for your doll, please let us know, and we will create corresponding eye molds for the desired size.

If you are unsure about your doll’s eye size, please include the brand, height, and material of the doll in the notes, and we will assist you in selecting the appropriate size.


  1. Select your preferred eye style from our options and provide the corresponding number.
    (If you don’t find your preferred eye style among the existing options, please email us with the desired customized eye design.)
  2. Choose the eye type: Non-movable or movable.
  3. Select the upgrade option: Regular eyes or electric eyes.
  4. Choose the eye size: 25mm, 30mm, 32mm, or other sizes.
  5. Make the payment.


Style References For Customized Eyes:

If you have any further questions, please contact us via the contact form below.

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