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Do you want to customize your dreamed doll? Do you have special needs for your sex doll? Zlovedoll can help you to bring your ideas to reality. We have our own sex doll factory and offer customization services to make your dream comes true and meet your sexual fantasies.

We offer two types of customization services:

  • Full body customization. Dolls can be customized from head to toe per your requirements.
  • Basic customization. Dolls can be customized based on the detail modifications of the existing dolls on the store website.

We are introducing the two customization types in the following paragraphs. You can choose the appropriate customization according to your situation.

Full Body Customization

Below is the information you need to provide:

  • Sex doll style
  • Features of the doll body and parts
  • Detailed body data
  • Other requirements
  • Pictures
  • Videos


  1. You can contact us via our online forms or email. Please tell us the style of the sex doll you would like to customize and coupled with detailed information as needed.

(If you didn’t submit all the information at step 1, you can submit detailed information at step 4)

  1. Upon receipt of your custom request, our professional painters, sculptors, and manufacturers will decide whether your requirements are feasible.
  2. You will then receive an email from us within a couple of hours. The email will tell you whether your idea is feasible and the associated cost.
  3. Complete all the necessary information and make a payment. Once your payment is received, our painter will start working on the customization.  The painter will confirm with you once the draft painting is ready.
  4. Once you have confirmed the work, our sculptor will start carving. After completion of the doll’s head and body model, we will confirm with you one more time.
  5. The doll will formally go to production. Our manufacturer will make your doll by using high-quality medical TPE, silicone, and a top-quality metal skeleton.
  6. When the doll is made, we will send you pictures and videos for a third-time confirmation.
  7. After your final confirmation, we will prepare for shipment and you will receive a tracking number.
  8. Afew days later you will meet your dreamed sex doll in your house.

Note: Customization orders cannot be canceled. The model mold is custom-made, so the price will be higher.

Basic Customization


After you find your favorite sex doll at the store website, you will notice the options on the right. You can click and expand the options to the right to customize the following body details.

Free options:

Extra charge options(All paid options in the pictures are $50 each)

Congratulations! You’ve finished your sex doll customization, the next thing you have to do is waiting for her coming.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via the contact form below. Our customer service is available 24/7 online.

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