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Zlovedoll conducted an on-site inspection of qitadoll and summarized the characteristics of qitadoll’s products. You can click the directory below to quickly jump to the content you are interested in.

Features of Qita


1.Real-to-life Models      

Sex Dolls Built to Replicate Real Living Models

Qita invests heavily in replicating the real stuff!

Real living and breathing models show their parts and allow their team of professionals to apply high tech techniques including sensor pads and 3D scanning to rebuild, mold, and produce a body replica. Put in another way, you are, in fact, sleeping with the body of a model!

Other factories use sculptors who can only adopt rudimentary tactics with mud to mold and produce love dolls.

Qita’s dolls have delicate cheeks, sexy body curves, plump breasts, round butts, slender legs, and pink labias. These characteristics are well beyond the reach of other doll manufacturers. To date, Qita has more than 10 real-life butt molds of many popular INS Internet celebrities such as Kang Caibin and Sa Sa!  View below pictures of real internet celebrities being molded!

(Products of live-action buttocks model)

2.Innovative Design

Innovative product concepts include electric turning hips, innovative vagina design, and hidden neck design.

Electric Turning Hips

Announcing A New Electric Model!

2021 was a big year for the Qita’s team with its new roll out buttocks model designed with electric turning hips. This new hip model is casted from a living person’s buttock! Qita then installs an electric chip which is operated by a remote control making the “ass” twist and turn! The true definition of “shake it, baby!”

Movement, suction, and heating (reaching top temperature of 38°C) is now AVAILABLE to bring an incredible real experience even realer


(Video of electric hip model)

(Remote Control)

Innovative Vagina Design

Friction generated from traditionally built vaginas do not give you the best sexual pleasure. To solve this problem, the Qita team has “went all out” to improve the internal structural design. Now, as a lover, you will experience tightness and resistance around the vagina. With every penetrating action, your penis will enjoy a S-shaped channel with a spiral bumpy texture and pattern design causing full suction and absorption. This effect delivers the most authentic sexual experience known to doll.

(The internal structure of the vagina)

Hidden Neck Design

Simple but Genius

The ordinary manufacturer simply installs the head directly onto the neck. By design, the head and the neck are two separate body parts just stuck together. This creates an unnatural appearance. So, to improve this visually unpleasant phenonium, Qita developed the new hidden neck design. Now, the head is embedded within the neck so that the user will not feel any abruptness from the connection between the two.

(Ordinary installation head video)

(Hidden neck design video)


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