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161cm – 170cm Sex Dolls is a spectacular collection of sex dolls that include dolls of 63 to 67 inches in height. One of the most desirable height range for people who are impressed by girls of 5.2 to 5.5 feet. 161cm – 170cm sex dolls are love dolls of the moderately higher statues with extremely seductive looks and appealing body posture and figure. These dolls are up for real pleasure and you don’t want to miss a chance.

You can browse our amazing collections to find out the stunning new babes in great variety and discover the new zeal of staggering sex dolls. Stop waiting for the day to come and crush your fantasies with splendid love dolls. You can also find hot deals and sales online to avail amazing discounts.

161cm – 169cm Sex Dolls

Are you still just dreaming about the beautiful moments of sex and lust? Stop dreaming, give it a real push and avail the marvelous sex dolls of the new era! We are launching our highly awaited category of sex dolls with glamorous sex figures to give you instant naughty vibes.

One of the most sizzling collections of hottest sex dolls has just been launched which is all set to change your life forever. These are the newest additions with diverse personalities and you can easily decipher their naughty intentions through their looks that reflect the charm and thirst for sex with their wild eyes. Simply cute, innocent, wild and horny.


Height is a defining factor when it comes to choices and preferences because it shapes the personality of your partner. Having a life partner with a compatible height is always a desirable choice. Therefore, 161cm – 170cm sex dolls are of huge importance for people who would seriously consider the height of their partner. These love dolls range in height from 5.2 to 5.5 feet which an appropriate or moderate height sought by the majority of men. This is because men feel more confident with a partner of this height which has long lasting impact.

Yet another factor is the intensity of attraction as widely accepted that men find girls in a range of 5.2 to 5.5 feet as sexy and attractive. 161cm – 170cm sex dolls proves it because each sex doll in this category has unique seductive powers that inspire men to have lustful sex with them.

Gorgeous Beauties

Now, you must be thinking, what else? Well, all you fantasies are right here! 161cm – 170cm sex dolls includes all the beautiful beauty figures that you can think about. Do you think a big breasted plump lady is your dream girl? Check out Briella, a hyper realistic beauty queen. We bet you can’t ignore her!

Dreaming about a Sexy Thick MILF? Raegan is a Hot MILF with an unmatched figure, beauty and the list goes on including blondes and brunette, white and black skin tone. This is because the collection includes dolls of diverse origins like African, Japanese, Chinese, Asian, European, etc.

Figure that Captures Attention

161cm – 170cm Sex Dolls are steamy and inspiring because of their appealing figure that grabs the attention at first sight. This initiates a cascade inside your mind that ends up with healthy sex. Their bodies are vibrant, hot and plump with an amazingly realistic figure that arouses your soul when you just can’t make the cut and brings you back to life.

They have round big tits that vary with size for each doll and soft fleshy buttocks with soft vagina. Their muscular body lines resonate with an athletic and aesthetic feel that gives you the confidence to enjoy.

Now, it’s your time to decide the luxury you want in life with no limitations. Each doll is picked, packed and shaped with great care to maintain your privacy and delivered at your doorstep with amazing discounts.

Check them out and Order Now!


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