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141cm – 160cm Sex dolls is a huge collection of sex dolls that lists dolls of 55 inches to 63 inches in length. It means they are medium sized sex dolls with a height of 4.5 feet to 5.25 feet. Sex dolls of this height are generally more seductive and arousing genre because of their inviting figure and average sized height as some people prefer moderate sized sex dolls to match their interests.

141cm-160cm sex dolls covers dolls with huge variations and you will find dolls of different origins resembling girls of different countries. Browse the spectacular collections to find out some of the most sensational divas of today’s sex industry. Stay connected to find and avail some of the exciting deals and sales online!

141cm – 160cm Sex Dolls

Men sometimes just can’t ignore medium sized glamorous hot girls walking around and they secretly fantasize about them. Are you one of them and desperately want to sleep with them? We have got you covered with some of the sexiest dolls on the planet.

We have finally launched one of the most awaited collections of 141cm-160cm sex dolls and each of these dolls is a standing steamy figure. Their faces are depicting their inner beauty and you can easily identify the shy, innocent, wild or naughty babe of your choice.

Naughty Babes

Your dirtiest fantasies are going to get a break with stunning new 141cm-160cm sex dolls. This category of love dolls is unveiling horny dolls of hottest looks. Their naughty and inviting looks are no less than rays that absorb into your body and arouse your soul for a deep sex drive.


One of the most important features of these dolls that distinguish them from other sex dolls is their height. Their height ranges between 55 inches to 63 inches which means they are medium sized dolls normally regarded as the most appropriate size range. This 4.5 to 5.25ft height enables people of diverse sizes to match their love dolls and therefore it is one of the most favorite scales for people of average sized heights.

Diverse Collection

One of the most exciting things about 141cm-160cm sex dolls is that you have the choice to choose doll of your favorite race, color, origin or nationality. Let me introduce you to some of the Hot Club girls of all time.

Suppose you are looking for a chubby black thick sex doll – Lola is there to welcome you. But if you think you are more inclined to life sized mature sex dolls with big tits and a curved ass with white skin then Genevieve is your dream sex doll.

In this way, if Chinese or Japanese babes are your favorites with flat chest or huge tits, you might have to consider Fantasy Cute Japanese Sex Doll Lia or Dakota.

And this does not end here, you can choose any doll with your favorite features such as Blondes or Brunettes, Thick or Skinny and so on.

Sexiest Dolls

The overall collection of 141cm – 160cm sex dolls is rated as one of the most arousing and seducing categories of sex dolls because of the intense sexual attraction of each doll in the list. There are dolls with the most glamorous looks and arousing feel which can turn you on with just one rub.

The boobs of each doll vary in size that ranges from super-juicy big tits to round shaped a-cup boobs. Next, the ass and vagina of these dolls are highly realistic with your desired shape and you can grope any of them in the butt region and their smooth thighs are a smoothing place to rest on.

We recommend you to browse the whole category that would allow you to carefully examine each of these dolls. Don’t miss exciting deals and sales on our products offered online.

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