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Zlovedoll conducted an on-site inspection of aibeidoll and summarized the characteristics of aibeidoll’s products. You can click the directory below to quickly jump to the content you are interested in.

Features of Aibei Doll:


Upgrade 1: Detachable Legs

Do You Have Storage Concerns?

If you like a full-size doll but troubled by not having enough doll storage space, problem solved:).

Aibei has developed a doll with detachable legs designed for easy storage and fits under the bed or in a closet.

Double Benefits:

Now, enjoy the full pleasure of a doll that comes in full-size but stores like a miniature! Assembling and dissembling is done with ease and convenience. When assembling, insert the legs into the torso. When disassembling, use your hands to push the legs toward the torso. This will cause the inner parts to loosen making for easy removal.

Doll Dressing!

To create an even more realistic experience, try dressing your doll in socks or pants.

Upgrade 2: Finger Skeleton Upgrade

95% Similar to the Real Thing!

To increase the realistic adventure and enhance the customer’s more authentic experience, Aibei has upgraded its finger skeleton design. The upgrade allows for the doll’s hand movements to replicate a human hand with a stunning 95% similarity! This additional flexibility allows for the best hand job currently available on the market 🙂

Are You Frustrated with Wire Piercing Out of Doll Fingers?

Do you desire a more flexible, authentic sex doll? Then the finger skeleton upgrade is right up your alley!

Upgrade 3: Two-point Sound System/ Five-point Sound System

The Sex Doll Sound and Moaning Systems are believed to be the most anticipated new added feature hitting the doll market today. The vagina, breasts, and legs now come with built-in sensors that are activated upon touch. Sex Doll Sound and Moaning Systems Manual below:

(1) Two-point Sound System: Touch the breasts to activate a dainty seductive groan

(2) Five-point Sound System:

1. (1) The chest, pubic area, and legs (about ten centimeters below the pubic area).

(2) The touch sensor built into the pubic area recognizes humping frequency and produces different moan sounds based on how frequent you are humping – aka how fast you are going! This feature is not available in the chest and leg sensors

2. You can have the following conversation with your sex doll.

  • Where do you come from
  • Do you love me
  • May I have your name
  • I miss you so much
  • How old are you
  • Let me hug you
  • You are so beautiful
  • You got big boobs
  • What do you like best
  • Let’s go for a fuck
  • What would you like to eat
  • Do I have a big cock
  • What do your parents do
  • Do you want a condom
  • I’m in a bad mood
  • See you again
  • Am I a handsome man

[Note] Unless you use your earphones, otherwise conversations can not be carried out while the doll is moaning.

3. Button

Press and hold on/off; Quickly double-click to on/off the voice dialogue function (Default is set to off. Double-click to turn on)

4. Auto Sleep Mode (Auto-Off) The sound system will automatically turn off 2 minutes after use

5. Charging

When the battery is low, or is charging, the charge light will flash.  You can charge by using your Android phone’s USB charging cable (not included with order). A blue light indicates a full charge.

Upgrade 4: Heating System

Real to the Touch: Replicated Body Heat!
Forget going balls deep in cold plastic! The heating system is created by placing a coil in the torso of a sex doll. It raises the temperature of your love doll to mimic the warmth of the real human body!

Note: Only the torso is heated.

How To Use: (adapter voltage 100-240V, included in the order)

Insert one end of the adapter into the charging port behind the doll’s neck and connect the other end to a wall socket. Doll temperature can reach up to 60 degrees (will turn off after reaching this maximum temperature)

[Note] Do not use your doll while heating; Do not use the heating system in water; When washing the doll, or operating in a humid environment, please be sure to disconnect the power first.

(Charging port)


Upgrade 5: Sturdy Packaging, Paying Attention to Privacy

Aibei’s long tradition of product quality is reflected in its packaging and boxing. Aibei insists on choosing the industry’s highest quality, hardest, and thickest boxing, and apply their packaging technology and fulfilment experience to ensure your love doll is delivered across borders a thousand km away without damage. Naturally, Aibei pays attention to privacy!

There is no marking or reference to box contents – a.k.a no one will know what is inside.


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