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Zlovedoll conducted an on-site inspection of mesedoll and summarized the characteristics of mesedoll’s products. You can click the directory below to quickly jump to the content you are interested in.

Features of MESEDoll


6 Features Of Mese products

1.Upgraded leg parts     2.Self-lubrication   3. Upgraded finger skeleton

2.Exquisite facial makeup 5.Brand new smart doll 6.Realistic body curves

Detailed Explanation of the 6 Mese Products Highlights

1.Upgraded leg parts

Snap-on Legs!

Compared with the previous sex doll designs involving bolt-connected leg fittings, Mese has independently developed a snap-on alternative! changing clunky bolting to quick, simple snap-on action. Watch the 3 videos below to learn in more detail the difference between the two designs and the convenience of the snap-on.

The bolt-connected leg fittings easily fall off after long term use as bolts loosen. The snap-on design does not have this issue, it is also easier to disassemble and does not interfere with your “sexing.” These split-leg accessories make it easier to store, carry, as well as adjusting doll positions such as bending, kneeling, and shrugging (This function is only applicable to TPE dolls)

(Snap-in leg fittings)

(Bolted leg fittings)


our Doll Gets Wet!  

Mesen dolls have added a newly developed material to the production process which makes your doll’s pussy get wet!

Place a little water in the vagina and gently rub. The light friction caused by rubbing will cause a lubrication effect!

No More Humping Dry Meat!

This new material is harmless to the human body and does not cause allergies. Both the plug-in type and fixed type vagina options offer this new feature. Now you save 20-40 US dollars as no lubricating oil needed.

(Plug-in type vagina’s self-lubricating video)

3.Upgraded Finger Skeleton

Older doll models have finger bones made of metal wire. Yes, this gives some degree of hand flexibility and mobility with bending joints, but the inner wiring easily pierces the skin of the doll. Not fun during intercourse!

The Mesen team has upgraded the finger skeleton!

Now each finger is designed strictly in accordance to a real “palm bone” design similar to real human hands. The new finger skeleton is more flexible and durable than ordinary finger skeletons and does not break easy. This means no more piercing fingers! This design also allows for better gripping action and can allow the doll to hold a light plastic cup or flower.

(This function is applicable to both silicone dolls and TPE dolls over 158cm).

((Upgraded finger skeleton video))

4. Exquisite Facial Makeup

TPE Doll: Makeup artists design the eyebrow’s shape according to the shape of the face and then use an eyebrow pencil to draw lines one by one. The number of lines for each pair of eyebrows cannot be less than 200! Artists then move on to spray coloring to the lips and add eyes shadow. Lastly, they begin eye and eyebrow installation.

Silicone Doll: To achieve wax-level quality, silicone head sculpting has adopted a new technology focusing on beautifying the head and adding skin texture and exquisite facial features. Eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair are all implanted via advanced hair implant methods, and face makeup is applied by spray. In order build and craft the optimal sex doll there are dozens of sculptors and makeup artists forming a team with everyone striving for ultimate perfection.

Makeup Which Lasts Forever

The spraying process is applied evenly to the face using a spray gun. The advantage of this process is that it can last forever and does not rub off!

(TPE makeup)

(Silicone makeup)

5. Brand new smart doll

Speak To Your Doll!

Smart dolls have added sound and heating features. The sound features includes two different modes: voice dialogue and touch activated sound. The voice dialogue feature allows for communication between lovers. The heating feature transfers internal heat externally through a heating wire. There is an internal temperature control probe which can reach temperatures close to the human body (37°C), after one hour of heating. Below is a video showing motion activated sound and heating features. For detailed instructions on smart dolls, please click here to view.

(Dolls above 100cm are offered the heating feature)

(Touch activated sound)

 (heating video)

6. Realistic Body Curves

One of the final steps for a makeup artist is to use a special pigment spray to spray on body curves making the body appear super realistic.


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