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Zlovedoll has been selling sex dolls since 2019. As a professional agent with many years of experience in sex doll sales, we have cooperated with many well-known professional manufacturers such as WM DOLL, SEDOLL, IRONTECH DOLL, etc. With a deep understanding of the sex doll industry, we constantly explore methods to reduce costs while maintaining product quality, allowing customers to buy products of the same quality at lower prices from zlovedoll.

At the same time, in the process of communicating with customers, we have also received feedback from some customers who were previously deceived. They had ordered from fake sex doll websites and received nothing, or scammers pretended to be sex doll websites and sent emails to customers, deceiving them of their personal information and money.

To avoid more sex doll enthusiasts being deceived, here we will share some methods to avoid being deceived, and we recommend that you read the following content carefully.

  • Official Email

Legitimate websites will list their official email address on the “Contact Us” page, and website customer service will not contact you through unofficial email addresses to ask for personal information or any form of payment.

  • Online Customer Service/Phone

The website is equipped with online customer service and contact number, and the online customer service has someone to reply, and the phone can be connected.

  • Brand Authorization Certificate

Legitimate sex doll dealers will list the authorization certificates for various brands on their website. For brands that do not provide authorization certificates, you can find authorized dealers on their official website’s authorized dealer page.

Please note that some websites may forge authorization certificates using image editing software. The best method is to send an email to the brand’s official email address to confirm whether the website is an authorized dealer or whether they have received your order.

→ View Zlovedoll’s authorization certificate page.

  • Doll Factory Photos/Factory Videos

After the production of the dolls is completed, the factory takes photos and videos for preservation. You can request to inspect the pictures and videos of your dolls before they are shipped.

You can also check the factory photo page on the website. Please note that some fake websites may steal sex doll factory pictures from legitimate websites.

To avoid this situation, some legitimate sex doll websites will put their own website’s logo on the photos of sex dolls taken, but the case of fake websites stealing and editing them still exists.

The best way is to check the sex doll factory video because it is difficult to be edited, so fake websites rarely spend time modifying the website logo in the video.

→ Check the Zlovedoll sex doll factory photos and factory videos.

  • Comprehensive Product Data

The product page contains comprehensive product data, including brand, height, weight, measurements, and other information.

  • Product Reviews

Legitimate websites usually receive some customer reviews, which can help you make a decision before purchasing.

  • Payment Methods

Before purchasing a sex doll, please check the payment methods available. Credit card is undoubtedly the safest payment method, as you can dispute any fraudulent charges and get your money back. Do not trust payment methods that you have never heard of.

  • Too Cheap Is Never Too Good

On Amazon, some full-size sex dolls are priced as low as $500, which is even less than the cost and shipping cost of producing a doll. You get what you pay for, and websites that sell sex dolls that are too cheap are always fake.


At ZLOVEDOLL, we understand that running a business is a long-term commitment. Providing satisfactory services to customers and maintaining a good reputation are essential for a business to thrive. We would never sell fake products for short-term profit at the cost of damaging our website’s reputation. We promise that all products sold on ZLOVEDOLL are authentic.

To provide a better experience for our customers, we continuously optimize our website with details such as sending photos of the sex doll before shipment, offering 24/7 online customer service, and establishing partnerships with more brands, etc.

We will continue to work hard to become a better website and provide high-quality service for our customers. Thank you for your continued support of ZLOVEDOLL!

> Brand Authorization Letter & Authorization Link

The following are the official authorization letters and authorization links of some brands.

Some brands do not provide authorization, but they have placed our link on their official website. You can click on the link below for more information.
> Sex Doll Factory Photos and Videos

We have provided photos and videos of the sex doll factory for your reference. If you would like to see factory photos before the doll is shipped, please leave a note in the order and we will send them to you after the production of the sex doll.


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