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Where Can You Buy A Sex Doll?

Where Can You Buy A Sex Doll?

Before the internet, sex dolls were only available in adult stores. However, with the advent of the internet, people are now able to purchase sex dolls online. This opened new possibilities for the sex doll industry, giving it an easier mode to communicate and deliver products to their customers. This article will illustrate the places and options that you can buy sex dolls.

Online Platforms

The first option that one would consider buying a sex doll from nowadays is online. With numerous e-commerce platforms operating today, sellers from different industries can easily sell their products to customers throughout the world. This gives an option to the customers to buy sex dolls from online platforms, considering some perks regarding the validity of the site. Here are some online platforms that can be considered:

Ecommerce Platforms

The first place that you can buy sex dolls is from B2B platforms. In other words, you can search for different eCommerce websites that are selling sex dolls. From Amazon to eBay, you can take a look at the sex dolls on these sites. Here are some sites that you can check out:


If you’re looking to buy sex dolls from ecommerce platforms, then Amazon is a great place to start from. The ecommerce platform operates as the biggest amongst all and has an adult section that features sex dolls, sex toys and other related merchandise. You can easily go through the inventory and select the type of doll you want. Though the inventory may be less than that found on any sex doll website but it will surely cater to your needs.


With China being the largest manufacturer in the world, there’s no surprise that Alibaba is featuring sex dolls. One of the main perks of visiting Alibaba is that it features numerous products directly from the sellers. However, this is the main nightmare for many buyers. You need to be careful regarding buying sex dolls as many sellers sell counterfeit products. Though the prices are affordable, you still need to buy goods from verified sellers to get them. In addition, Alibaba will be offering a good range of choices that you can choose from.


If you’re looking to buy sex dolls from any other place instead of Amazon or Alibaba, then going for eBay is the right choice. eBay has an adult section just like Amazon that comprises of adult toys, including sex dolls, sex toys, vibrators, and other accessories. In addition, you’ll most probably can find sex dolls of various variety from sellers around the world, including China, Italy, France, etc. The prices range from below $1000 to as high as $3000. Apart from that, you’ll also find torsos, which are available at a much affordable price. Another perk of using eBay is that it shows seller ratings so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed bv any unknown seller.

Sex Doll Websites

Apart from e-commerce platforms, you can visit sex doll online shops. One of the perks of visiting these sites for buying real sex dolls is that you don’t have to worry about finding a reliable seller. Moreover, these sites have all the products for the customer’s needs. From real sex dolls to sex toys, there are numerous high quality products that you can buy at affordable rates. Here we recommend 2 sex doll websites with a long history and 2 emerging sex doll websites.

Real Doll                                                                            

Real Doll is the name of an advanced and high quality realistic dolls brand that offers extensive range of highly expensive and unique in quite a fantastic way. Real Doll is one of the earliest sex dolls store that offers Top quality sex dolls for people who can afford to buy expensive sex dolls with an average price of $4000.

Their slogan “Nothing Beats the Real Thing” stands for the quality as they are offering next generation sex dolls and sex toys that can be identified with 1.0 for first generation, 2.0 and 3.0 for second and third generation respectively. They are also offering Monster Cocks which are basically monster, horror and Pop Culture Themed Sex Toys. Among the Top sex toys are Real Cock 2 and Torsos of extremely advanced quality featured on their website.

They have also been awarded the XBIZ Award as a Sex Doll Brand of the year for their performance and reliability in serving their customers.  

One of their customization option is “Build Your Own” which allows you to choose a doll with exact features that you have always liked. This means you add specific details in your order directing them to integrate those features into your doll like blonde hair, blue eyes, round big hips and so on.

WM Dolls                          

WM Dolls is quite an established brand with a large distributor base as almost every sex doll retailer offers WM Dolls in their collections. They are basically located in China with largest customer base and offer an extensive range of silicone and TPE sex dolls across the globe in all possible destinations. It has such as established brand value that many retailers have been copying their brand name for which they have clearly stated on their website.  You can easily reach out to their website to identify the right resources and retail partners.

They have their main website with an attached store front that facilitates you with their menu. The menu lists the popular categories like TPE Dolls, Realistic Sex Dolls that fall under the affordable category of sex dolls while high end Silicone Sex Dolls are offered with expensive prices as high as $4500 and then accessories that you might need with a sex doll.

One of their main section is gallery where you can find exciting range of dolls displayed with their killer looks to give you a deeper view of their sex dolls.

Simply hover over to their website and you will find many sub-categories under each category that lets you choose from a variety of options.


Kana Doll is an established brand retailer serving in multiple countries with almost all the popular types of dolls in the industry. They are main retailer as well as vendor of male and female sex dolls delivering value in several countries across the globe. Because they have been authorized by many of the Top sex doll brands, they easily manage to deliver quality dolls at a highly affordable prices that makes them stand out amongst many others.

They have been providing both TPE as well as Silicone sex dolls and in order to cater to the needs of customer, Kana Dolls offer exclusive customization services where you can order a personalized dolls with your desired features to better fulfil your imaginations.

Kana Doll facilitate their users in all possible ways and that’s why they publish valuable content time to time at their websites to educate them as a beginner and quickly turn out to be an advanced user.

Store Fronts of Kana Doll in different countries

They have a number of retail store fronts and we are going to introduce you to each of them:

This is one of their main online shop with the widest range of collections that you can easily navigate around because their store are fun to go through as they lists their products in a very convenient way. They lists more than 1000 different sex dolls providing buyers the flexibility to choose from the best options available.

It is basically located in London but ships across the globe to many destinations.

They have categorized their dolls by:

  • Figure
  • Type
  • Height
  • Price

They have also listed the TOP brands on their site which are;

  • Kanadolls
  • Wmdolls
  • Aibei  Dolls
  • 6Ye Dolls and many others is one of the main retail partner and distributor of Kana Doll brand primarily located in United Kingdom. Because they list their dolls in one of the most stylish and convenient way, it makes it easier for you to see the different categories of dolls displayed on their website. They serve their customers with largest selections from Kana Doll brand and have not listed any other brand on their store suggesting that they sell their own brand.

They have categorized their dolls by:

  • Figure
  • Type
  • Height
  • Price

While the main categories of their sex dolls are:

  • BBW Sex Dolls
  • Pawg Sex Dolls
  • Silicone Sex Dolls
  • MILF Sex Dolls
  • Small Tits Sex Dolls
  • Hentai Sex Dolls
  • Bubble Butt Sex Dolls
  • Asian Sex Doll

And many others.

As we discussed, Kana Doll are distributing their sex dolls in several countries, this is their main branch store in Japan. They are dealing in the best collections for Japanese people because almost all these dolls are of Japanese origin. Once you are on their store, you will realize they have managed to display Japanese Sex dolls in a very wide variety providing an in one platform for people who are interested in Japanese Sex dolls. They offer free shipping on all of their products.

You can find both male and female sex dolls in affordable prices allowing you to easily get a reliable doll of your choice. You will see dolls dressed in Traditional Japanese dresses as well as modern costumes. They also offer customization that allows you to customize different parts of a sex doll like figure, facial features and hair styles.

They have also listed Top brands on their website which are:

  • Kanadolls
  • Wmdolls
  • Aibei  Dolls
  • 6Ye Dolls
  • Irontechdoll
  • HR Love Dolls
  • AF Love Doll
  • Qita Love Doll
  • Sy Love Doll and many others


Mail Love Doll is yet another big retailer of the state of the art Sex Dolls that offers most advanced yet affordable sex dolls across many countries. They are expanding their sex dolls database time to time with over 600 different types of sex dolls currently in their display.

You can find both TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls with full customization options offered to satisfy their customers. You can find dolls categorized by their body type, looks, region and size with sub-categorization that gives you more than a few options to choose from.

They are authorized distributors of the following brands as well:

  • WM Doll
  • SY Doll
  • Jarliet Doll
  • AF Doll
  • MeSe Doll
  • HR Doll
  • 6YE Doll
  • Irontechdoll             

Mail Love Doll Japan is quite a unique supplier working under the main brand Mail Love Doll with a wide range of Japanese Sex Dolls specific for people that are looking for Japanese dolls. Their website lists gorgeous and unique dolls but almost all of them are of Japanese and Chinese origin.

They are Tokyo, Japan with a quite established company profile. They are an authorized distributor for most of the genuine products from some of the top brands which are:

  • Kanadolls
  • Wmdolls
  • Aibei  Dolls
  • 6Ye Dolls
  • Irontechdoll
  • HR Love Dolls
  • AF Love Doll
  • Qita Love Doll
  • Sy Love Doll and many others

They are offering both TPE and Silicone sex dolls as well as a combination of both which is sometimes called Silicone Head + TPE Body dolls.

Head over to their website to find exciting deals and know more about their company profile.

Offline Platforms

Now that you know which online stores, you’ll get sex dolls from, you can shift your concern towards offline options such as adult stores. These stores feature products related to adult needs and can be visited according to one’s need.

Adult Toy Stores

One of the many reasons why people often avoid purchasing goods online is that they don’t get to see the goods in person. There are many times when online stores feature goods that are too realistic in the pictures. However, customers often get disappointed when they receive the goods in person. That is why it’s better to get your hands on a real sex doll by visiting adult toy stores.

Trading your purchase option and visiting an adult toy store will allow you to buy the right kind of real sex doll. You not only get to see the product yourself, but you will be able to buy the right product by feeling the texture and looking at the perks yourself. Even though it will help you buy the right sex doll for your needs, you will not find an extensive collection of sex dolls at a store. The store will feature some of the basic goods such as sex dolls, sex toys, torsos, etc. However, an extensive collection will be absent. Apart from that, there’s a high chance that the store will not be offering custom made sex dolls.

How to Choose

If you’re wondering where you can get a real sex doll considering the options given above, it all depends on your requirements. If you’re looking for a place that is offering a huge variety of real sex dolls, then visiting a sex doll website would be the best option. Not only will you be getting a great collection of sex dolls but you’ll almost be able to buy the one you’re looking for. The reason is that these websites are specializing and selling the products of one category.

  1. Compared to e-commerce websites that are specializing in selling different products, sex doll websites only offer related products. In addition to the wide collection, these sites provide custom made sex dolls that one can request according to their needs.
  2. From faces to body type, color, and other additional features, a customer can request a custom sex doll and the shop would provide the quote for it. However, it can take weeks before the doll is delivered to your location. Moreover, the premium the shop you visit, the higher the prices will be, which will make it difficult for you to buy the doll. Furthermore, you won’t be able to see or check the product yourself until it reaches your destination, which is a risk especially when you’ll be paying upfront.
  3. On the other hand, visiting an adult sex store will save you from the hassles of getting counterfeit products. Visiting the store will allow you to see what you want to buy and that will help in making an effective choice. However, there’s not as much variety as one can find in an online store.

How to Compare

If you’re visiting several online sex doll stores, then you need to be sure which one to choose for buying a real sex doll.

  1. You can compare the categories and product inventory that has been offered by either of the stores. This will allow you to see which one has more goods and can probably provide you with better options.
  2. In addition, you can also check whether or not a site is offering custom sex dolls or not. Custom sex dolls are made upon special request from the customers. Thus a site offering such a perk is a better option for your needs. Apart from that, you can compare the prices of the dolls that you’re looking for. Sites may be offering the same or related products that you can compare. If the products aren’t the same, you can look at the categorical prices that are offered. As highlighted earlier, there are several online sex doll sites that sell premium dolls at a very high rate, which isn’t a suitable option. That is why looking for suitable affordable websites should be concern.
  3. Another element that you can assess the stores is based on the quality of the sex dolls. From silicone to TPE sex dolls, you can check the ones that are offered by the store you’re visiting. There are some stores that are offering both perks in a doll upon custom request, which you can request a quote for.


Finding a real sex doll isn’t an issue anymore. Now with a simple Google search, you can easily get results of companies and stores featuring real sex dolls. However, make sure that you assess the sex doll companies based on the quality of the sex dolls, the price, and the product inventory.

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