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Which Sex Doll Accessories Should You Buy?

Which Sex Doll Accessories Should You Buy?


Sex doll accessories are additional items that one can buy for improving their experience with the sex doll they have. These cover a variety of options, which is why this guide will focus on the type of accessories that you can buy for your doll and what areas they target for sex dolls. From storage accessories and replaceable accessories to accessories necessary to take care of a sex doll and repair it in case of any damage, we have discussed all the important ones and why you should buy them.

Sex Doll Accessories

Many people aren’t aware of accessories that come for sex dolls. That is why it’s difficult for them to choose the right one that would enhance their sexual pleasure. When it comes to sex doll accessories the choices are endless. You can replace anything in your sex doll to transform it completely. Sex doll accessories can be classified into many classes including replaceable accessories that are, as the name suggests, replaceable, and removable, and are basically used to enhance the aesthetic value of the sex doll.

Other than that, there are storage accessories that aid in the safe transportation of the doll, and repair accessories are used to repair the sex doll in case of any damage. We have broken it all down for you, step by step:

Replaceable Accessories

As the name suggests, these accessories can be easily replaced and installed. Replaceable accessories usually add to the beauty of the doll, and make it look more ravishing than ever:

Vampire Teeth and Tongue Set

A set of accessories that can transform a normal sex doll into a sexy vampire? Say no more. If you are into vampires, then you need to get yourself a vampire teeth and tongue set. The set comes with a hand-sculpted tongue and fangs to add expression and realism to the doll’s face.

If your doll has fixed teeth or tongue, then this set might not work as effectively for you. This set works best with dolls having removable tongue and teeth.

Penis Adapter

Enjoy the best of both worlds with this cleverly designed penis adapter that enables you to transform your sex doll into a transsexual doll. The penis adapter is not only easy to use, but it also gives immense pleasure.

The base of the adapter can be easily inserted into the vagina of a sex doll and your transsexual doll is ready for you. The best part about the penis adapter is that it works in perfect harmony with both fixed and insert vaginas.

Sex Doll Clothes

If you are tired of seeing your sex doll in the same set of clothes every day, then you can change its look in the blink of an eye by dressing it in different clothes. The choices in sex doll clothes are endless. You can dress your doll in whatever style you want.

From sexy, elegant, and transparent lace dresses and preppy ruffled girly dresses to sexy rompers and hoodies with low cut tie front and thong-style backs, you can buy whatever you want for your doll. Make your your doll go from being girly to being an edgy tomboy, and vice versa, without spending a lot of money. Besides, clothes are extremely easy to slip on and equally easy to slip off the doll, so no hassle and no wastage of time.

Sex Doll Head

Do you want to spend your night with a new beautiful face every day? Well, instead of buying multiple sex doll all you need is to buy sex doll heads. There are so many sex doll heads available in the market now that it can become hard to decide which one to choose.

Sex doll heads come in different varieties, wigs, hairstyles, skin colors and eye colors. So, depending on your doll’s body you can choose a head with a specific wig style, eye color, and skin color. Before you place the order for a sex doll head for your doll make sure to list down the color of your doll’s body to keep the skin tone consistent. Otherwise, the color of your doll and its head will not match.


A wig can completely change a person and the same goes for sex dolls. Changing the hairstyle of a sex doll can make it look like a completely different one. Wigs differ in measurement from manufacturer to manufacturer, therefore, make sure that you let the seller know about your doll’s brand and its head’s measurements.

Combine the wig with a new set of eyeballs and you will not recognize your own doll. Mix things up a little or give your sex doll a new alter ego to get the most out of the wig.

Removable Eyes

It is incredible what a new pair of eyes can do to a sex doll in the blink of an eye. Give your doll a new look, with an extra set of eyes, in an instant. When paired with a new wig, your sex doll will become almost recognizable.

Just like removable wigs, eyes also differ from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, make sure that you provide the seller with the right information to get your doll’s eyes customized according to its head.

Removable Vagina

A removable vagina is the perfect accessory to have a better and new sex experience with your sex doll. Apart from delivering an exceptional experience, a removable vagina also offers very easy replacement. You just have to pull the original vagina out of your sex doll and wash it properly with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Once you have washed it, rinse and dry it, and then re-insert it back into the sex doll, and away you go. Keep in mind that removable vaginas do not work with sex dolls having a fixed vagina.

Storage Accessories

If you are on the go a lot, then you need to buy storage accessories to keep your sex doll safe and clean during the travel. These storage options offer protective options for travel and wardrobe storage as well.

Protective Caps for Feet

The main disadvantage that comes with standing sex dolls’ conventional feet is that they often deliver weak stability along with a lack of protection. This can cause damage to the feet of the doll and the floor of your home as well.

In order to prevent any damage to your doll, and your home, add protective caps to its feet. This will help a lot, especially during storage, of a standing doll, because the protective caps impart stability to the doll. Equip your doll with these innovative protectors and save yourself the money that you will have to spend on repair in case of damage.

Sex Doll Hook

A sex doll hook is not only a clever way of storing your doll heads, but it also saves space in your wardrobe for your clothes and other accessories as well. Made of stainless steel, a sex doll hook is also a safe way of storing your doll’s extra parts because it offers enough support for the head and the torso to them from falling and getting deconstructed. Besides, a sex doll hook is very easy to install and works for all kind of sex dolls.

Flight Case

A flight case is the perfect way to travel with your sex doll in complete privacy while making sure that it does not get damaged during the journey. Hard-wearing lockable flight cases come with travel wheels which make it easier for you to carry them around. Simply store your doll and lock the case, and no will be able to access the case without the key.

So, if you want to keep your sex doll a secret while traveling, then a flight case is a must-have for you.

Care & Repair Accessories

Taking care of a sex doll both before and after any kind of damage elongates the life of the doll. So, look through these accessories that will not only enhance your experience with the sex doll but will also make it easy for you to deal with any kind of damage

Sex Doll Cleaning Set

A cleaning set designed specifically for sex dolls consists of a vaginal irrigator, a Comb, TPE or silicone safe cleaner and a TPE or silicone stain remover.

So, if you want to prevent any germ formation and take care of your doll by keeping it clean and tidy, then a cleaning set is your best bet. A cleaning set will help you take care of different aspects of the cleaning of a sex doll with its different components.

TPE and Silicone Repair Agent

Silicone & TPE sex dolls tend to be very soft and if they are not taken proper care of, they can crack and wrinkle. In case of such kind of damage, you will need a TPE and Silicone repair agent.

Using the repair agent, you can easily fix the wound. Clean the wound properly, and then apply the glue to it. Knead the wound with the glue and leave it for a few hours. Try not to stretch the scar left behind after the wound has been filled.

Bear one thing in mind that in the case of TPE dolls the wound must be pressed immediately after it is filled with the repairing agent. It might decompose, and get more damaged, otherwise because of the high temperature of the repairing glue.

Care Powder

Care powder is an absolute must-have for everyone who owns a sex doll. It keeps the sex doll smooth and nice, like the way it was when it first arrived. Care powder maintains the material from which the sex doll is usually made and this way the doll does not loses its quality.

Care powder not only keeps the doll soft but also provides lifelike sensations. Just consistently apply the powder to the skin of your doll after you have completely cleaned it and you will be good to go.

Dry Tampons

It is extremely important to dry a doll after you have used it in order to prolong its life. If a doll is not dried properly after use, not only mold can form in it, but it can also deteriorate in quality.

Thanks to dry tampons, it is very easy to get a doll cleaned up. You can use a dry tampon several times. Simply push a dry tampon into the respective channel of your sex doll and let it do the rest.

Summing it Up

Sex doll accessories hold the power to completely change the look of a sex doll. Other than changing the appearance of a doll there are accessories designed specifically to help with the safe storage and travel of sex dolls. And if your sex doll gets damaged, there are accessories for that as well that act as incredible quick solutions. So, you can transform your doll into a vampire, or you can hang it in your wardrobe, or you can quickly deal with a tear in just a matter of seconds. So, if you want to switch things up a little, or take proper care of your doll, you can easily find sex doll accessories according to your requirements.

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