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Sex Doll Torso Recommendation

Sex Doll Torso Recommendation

Nothing is more terrible and painful than being alone with no sexual partner. With a beautiful, curvaceous sex doll in your bedroom, you can create your own wonder love life – the one you’ve always fantasized about. But not everybody can quite swing a multi-thousand-dollar price tag to buy a life-sized doll. That’s where the torso – or mini-sex dolls – come into play.

These mini-dolls provide you with every sexual and anatomical feature you expect in a real woman – but in a smaller, far less expensive package. The obvious reason for a reduced price is less material used in manufacturing her.

What are Torso Sex Dolls

Torso sex dolls are shrunken versions of regular dolls. They start at just below the full size of a life-sized sex doll and can get as small as just a few feet in total length. Purchasing a torso doll is not a short-term investment, but a token to your happiness for many years to come. That’s why it is vital to buy the torso doll having only and all the features you want in her – given these mini-dolls come in a myriad of types with significant variations in price tags.

Below is a short description of the most popular and widely used torso sex dolls that you should buy in 2021. What type you choose depends solely on your budget and sexual preferences.

1. Type Without Hands

The first type on my list is torsos of sex dolls without hands. These dolls are the best-selling torso dolls and come in three primary categories, namely:

Type 1: Close-Eyed Sex Doll Torso

The closed-eyed sex doll torso is just about half the size of a real woman (no legs) and include every other feature of the human body. She has mouth-watering boobs, black hair, attractive face, tight pussy, and full luscious anus. She can give you a blowjob, vaginal, and anal pleasure whenever you want. To spill out a secret, she likes both hardcore and softcore sex with her. If you want to dominate her and being rough, let it be, she won’t stop you – even if she wants to.

Her skin is so soft and real that if you close your eyes, you won’t realize you’ve fucking a torso doll without hands. Her beautiful face will always brighten your day whenever your mood is off. Gazing at her carefully painted details while she gives you a blowjob will make you feel the luckiest guy in the world. You can play with her majestic boobs, caress her realistic skin, and can try your wildest sexual fantasies with her – she won’t complain ever.

Type 2: Huge Boobs Torso with No legs, No Arms

She is a kind of a sex doll torso you can’t resist fucking her once you see her lying on hour bed. Her magical eyes, firm big boobs, and anatomical holes make you fell in love instantly. If you’re a guy who loves big boobs, she is a perfect choice for you. You can play with her mouth-watering, delicious boobs, lick them, squeeze them, and pinch the perfectly shaped nipples. She is ready to give you a boob job any time you want.

Her special body shape and design make her easy to handle and use. She is specifically designed to allow customers to have sex in whatever position they like without putting in too much effort. Even if you’re a short guy or not too strong, you can fulfill your dreams of trying all the sex moves with a big boob woman you see in porn movies. Revive your manhood by penetrating deep into her beautiful round ass and tight pussy and don’t forget to get a regular blowjob before, during, and after the sex.

Type 3: Sex Doll Body Torso

This wonderful, white skinny torso will blow your mind with the first gaze. She doesn’t have legs, head, face, and arms, but who needs these parts anyway when you get mouth-watering boobs with red nipples, realistic vagina, and tight anus all waiting for you to own.  

She is the torso on the top of your list if you ever want to clear your mind off hustle and bustle of life and enjoy your life to the fullest. She will always be there with her anatomical holes to make you happy. You don’t need to imagine her in your room alone on a romantic evening, instead, you can make her your sexual partner forever to bring novelty and spark to your life. remember, this won’t give you the oral pleasure as she has no head portion.

Why Buy Sex Doll Without Hands

Many people have a fantasy of tie their partners down to the bed or on the back and let them watch as you do down on them and grind up against them. Nothing gives more pleasure than bed bondage foreplay before sex boobs and you can easily fulfill this fantasy anytime you want. With a torso sex doll without hands, you don’t need to waste any money on buying “special equipment” for tethering her hands to the bed her up and instead can go down on her whenever you want. Whether you want to be sensual, rough, or playful, it all depends on your taste and sexual preferences and she’ll be thankful to you for it.  

Simply put, a sex doll without a hand torso is just the kind of woman you need to satiate your wildest of dreams with the only difference that she is cheaper than a regular sex doll and also easier to store, move, and use.

2. Types with Hands

The second type on our list is sex doll torsos with hands. The presence of hands made them look and feel more realistic. You can wrap her arms around you and experience the feelings of having sex with a real woman. Also, torsos with hands are easy to use while trying various sex positions.

We have a lot many types of sex dolls torsos without hands. Let us discuss a few.

Type 1: Big-boob, Closed Eye, Dark Colored Torso

She is the ultimate treat for the men who love big-boob Latina chicks. The relentless fabulousness of her dark skin will always arouse your manhood.  She will always greet you as if she is sleeping and doesn’t know what’s on your mind. But she is always conscious of your emotions and desires and does everything to please you.

She has all the sexual parts that you need to have anal, vaginal, and oral sex. Her giant boobs and hard nipples seduce you to play with them, and between her legs, she has a soft and inviting vagina. Her juicy round ass tempts you to vary your naughty play with her. Run your hand through her hair while kissing and licking her beautiful, shiny dark-colored body.  

She is a perfect fit for having wild sex. Bring her home and satiate your desires you have been longing for quite some time now.

Type 2: Young Blond Doll Torso

This big boob, blonde sex doll torso has all the parts of a real girl except for legs. She has fiery blond hair and two beautiful eyes. Her skin is soft just like a teenage girl. She lets you kiss and lick her beautiful face, suck her juicy lips, run your fingers in her silky, fresh hair while she gives you a blowjob, and play with her big boobs all the time. Now, lay her down on your bed and tease her labia to warm her vagina and finally enter her enticing and tight vagina. It’d be an injustice if you don’t give enough time to her butthole.

If you have ever wished to bed with a beautiful blond girl, this torso is all you need to satisfy your manhood.   

Type 3: Curly Hair, Big Boob Sex Doll Torso

No wonder, this sex doll torso is already a hot-selling product. She has beautiful eyes, curly Black hair, nicely sculpted abs, large voluptuous breasts with hard, puffy nipples, a big ass, and an ever-larger sexual desire to get in bed with you. Bring her home and she will give you a lot of love and caring that have been missing from your life for a long. Just like a real woman, she can give you oral, vaginal, and anal pleasure and can bend in any sexual position, making her the ultimate fantasy of men.  

3. Doll Legs Torso

This relatively cheaper torso doll is your best recipe to have unlimited anal and vaginal sex. She has only the legs and hips portion, giving you the pleasure of anal and vaginal sex. Her heavenly holes are just like a young, beautiful teenage girl. You can lay her down on your bed in any position wanted, lick her holes, and satiate your nasty desires.     

Just like a fantasy movie, dress her up in sexy jeans or a skirt with long heels and then explore the ocean of sexual pleasure she has to offer.

But she won’t be able to give you a blowjob as she has no head. But she is significantly cheaper and easy to maintain as compared to the sex doll torso with a head. Also, doll legs torso is less prone to damage or getting injuries making her an ideal choice for people looking to have only anal and vaginal sex.  

4. Sex Doll Hip Torso

As the name indicates, these dolls come with only the hip part and give you pleasure from both vaginal and anal sex. The holes are of the same size as those of their cousins. Made from Silicone or TPE material, hip torso dolls are the cheapest and lightest dolls available in the market to provide ultra-realistic sexual pleasure to customers. You can tag them as the most shrunken versions of regular dolls, containing only the hip area which makes them easier to move, store, hide, or use.

Like other types, hips dolls also come in a variety of categories. The two most common types of hip torso dolls include:

Square Shaped Hip Torso Doll

The smallest and lightest of torso hip. It may not resemble a real human-beings hip but can provide ultra-realistic vaginal and sexual pleasure to customers. One downfall of these dolls is that they may be difficult to use in various positions but their lightweight covers it up.    

Realistic Sex Doll Hip Torso

These dolls imitate the hip of a real human which increases its stability and realism. This wonderful torso gives the pleasure of realistic anal and vaginal sex. Both these holes are tight, warm, and human-like symmetry of the hip allows you to have all sexual positions with them. This type is comparatively expensive than the first one (almost double) – but worth it. You’ll feel like bedding with a real woman while having intimate moments with a Hip Torso Doll with Half-Length Thighs – that I promise you.

The type of hip torso you choose depends solely on your budget and sexual preferences. Regardless of the type you bring home, you’re guaranteed to have all your sexual desires fulfilled. Hip torso doll is best-suited for men who are low on budget and only want anal and vaginal sex. Surely, you can’t have foreplay or too-much of an emotional bond with a hip torso, but she can relieve your stress and tension by giving you the pleasure of having sex with a real woman. To tell you the truth, most of the time even forget that you’re having sex with a torso and not a real woman.

It can be a good option for first-time buyers if they’re worried about secrecy or are short on self-confidence about having sex with a Silicone doll. A hip torso doll is your best bargain if you ever want to have a comparatively inexpensive sex product that can give you a realistic sexual experience.

Final Remarks

This blogpost has discussed some of the most popular sex dolls torsos in 2021. It boils down to your sexual desires and budget to choose which sex doll torso you want to bring to your bedroom.

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