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How To Choose The Right Clothes For Your Sex Doll?

How To Choose The Right Clothes For Your Sex Doll?

Sex dolls are not just aids made for masturbation. Many people buy sex dolls to enjoy their company. People treat their sex dolls like real life partners and the dolls make up a big part of their lives. People also enjoy all kinds of different activities like movie nights, picnics, and dinner parties, etc. with them.

Experiencing so many different moments with them also means that a lot of different clothes will be needed. Even if you do not really pay attention to your sex doll or do much with her other than having sex, there are people who just like to dress them up in accordance with every occasion.

For those people who already own a sex doll, what they need to do is pay attention to them and take care of them. They should purchase beautiful clothes for her, and also give her different makeovers. Different clothes can switch up your doll’s looks and keep her looking fresh all the time.

However, before you even begin to find clothes for your doll you need to know about its measurement. This article is intended to teach you how to buy the right clothes and most importantly choose the right size for your doll.

Determine The Correct Body Proportions

The first thing to do before you purchase clothes is to determine the correct body proportions. Once the details of body size are clear you can start buying.

So, what measurements should you know when dress shopping?

  1. The height.
  2. The breast size or bra size.
  3. Waist.
  4. And hips.

If you can’t figure things out then you can refer to the size chart. If you can’t find the chart, you can contact the seller. But if you can’t find anything then self-measurement is your last resort, but you need to know a few things about self-measurement.

Things To Keep In Mind When Self-Measuring

When you self-measure, know that for dolls with height less than 150cm(<4.9ft), even the smallest size of adult underwear won’t fit, you will have to buy from special stores.

If your doll measures more than 150cm(<4.9ft), then you can buy small sizes of adult underwear. For height more than 150 cm(<4.9ft), you will have freedom of choosing from more adult clothes.

Heights under 150cm(<4.9ft) usually comprise of dolls from 100cm140cm. For those you can buy children’s swimsuit which are divided in three sizes: small (100 – 110cm), middle (110 – 130cm) and big (130 – 150cm).

Another thing to know when self-measuring is that if you own a curvy doll with huge hips, tiny waist, long legs, short upper body and big boobs then her waist would be smaller and legs longer than women. She would fit the best in short dresses and t-shirts.

The Problems You Will Face When Choosing The Right Size

One of the main challenges when purchasing sex doll clothing is finding something of the right size. It’s not really practical to take your doll to the clothing store and try stuff out. This means it is very important to know the sizes before you start shopping.

You can easily determine the size your doll will need by using the shirt charts given on different websites as a reference. But if the size chart is not given on different websites then you will have to measure your doll yourself with a measuring tape.

It is easy to buy clothes for rea life sized dolls as they are usually heighted from 5ft to above 5 ft, so you can easily find the correct sizes. Most dolls are around 5ft in height and based on their weight, their measurements should be very easy to figure out.

Sexy Clothing Ideas

Dress your doll according to your mood and your fetishes. Some good options include:

  • Thin fabric t-shirts that show her nipples poking out from the t-shirt.
  • Panties that make her hips look amazing.
  • Japanese schoolgirl uniforms that include a mini skirt, knee-high socks and a white top.
  • A red corset with high heels will make her look sexy.
  • Gym shorts and sports bra if you want to make her look sporty and seductive.

Where To Buy Sex Doll Clothes?

The biggest problem will be from the breasts of the female dolls. A lot of men want to have dolls with very big breasts, and they’re always out of proportion to the body. This disproportion also means that dresses might be hard to find that actually fit. You may have to shop in specialty stores for bustier women if you’ve a busty doll.

If you own a smaller sex doll, it is important for you to be aware that clothing for smaller dolls can be a bit more difficult to find. If you have a mini sex doll, then kids’ clothes are probably going to work the best. Like the full-sized dolls the breasts might be a problem, and it’s not going to be easy to look for sexy lingerie in smaller sizes.

You can get clothes for your sex dolls from the following places: 


AliExpress has a wide variety of clothes for sex dolls. And the clothes are very affordable and inexpensive. However, it can be a nightmare for many buyers because you don’t always get the same things as they are displayed in the pictures. But you can also get some really good products if you buy from verified sellers. Plus, the variety is way too good to ignore.


Joom is another great platform for buying clothes for sex dolls at relatively cheap prices. Apart from clothes you can also find accessories like stockings and corsets etc. Browse through an impressive line-up of accessories, makeup, and clothes for your doll. Just make sure to contact the seller before placing an order.


eBay is another great online e-commerce platform for purchasing clothes for sex dolls of all shapes and sizes. If you are looking for another online marketplace other than AliExpress or Joom then eBay is another good place that you should try. eBay has quite a good variety of its own. You can buy outfits of all sorts from there. From anime cosplay costumes to sexy beach outfits. eBay boasts an adult section similar to other sites such as Amazon that only consist of adult stuff such as adult toys, including sex dolls, sex toys, sex doll clothes, vibrators, and other accessories.

Other than that, you can find clothes for all occasions at much affordable prices as compared to other places. Another perk of using eBay is that it shows you seller ratings, so you don’t have to worry about getting scammed or getting robbed of your money by any unknown seller.

Offline Stores

You can also get clothes from adult stores. You can check the quality and material of the clothes in person by visiting an adult shop.  it will help you buy the right size and the right style of clothes for your doll. You can also get separate pieces of clothing and make her outfit by mixing and matching. Apart from that, there’s a high chance that the store will also offer you refund, or exchange offer in case the clothes don’t look good on your doll.

Tips & Precautions When Buying Dresses

  • Buy slightly smaller sizes so they fit the doll perfectly. Tight outfits are sexy because they accentuate all the features that made you fall in love with your doll.
  • Buy different fantasy wear clothes and costumes and alternate them. Switching up outfits can help you stay excited about the doll.
  • If you’re not sure of your doll’s measurements, invest in a few cheap clothes to know what fits the best. Once you know the size, you can buy good clothes and avoid overspending.
  • Safety pins are amazing tools. They come in handy when an outfit is too beautiful to throw away. Pin the blouses and skirts that look too big to get a stunning silhouette.

Can Clothes Stain A Sex Doll?

A significant factor when dressing your sex doll is that they can be quickly stained, as the surface of the material can soak the colour right through the pores and it’s almost impossible to get it out.

Generally speaking, the actual material is not the real issue, but what the material is dyed with. Typically, you should treat your sex dolls clothes in the same way as your own. The cheaper the apparel is the more likely they will stain. In the same way, darker colours stain even more than lighter colours. You should wash most clothes few more times to ensure if the colours stain or not. If they don’t leak in your washing machine, you’re probably going to be fine dressing up your doll.

If you want to buy especially bright colours, but you’re afraid of damaging your dolls, you can buy a set of underwear for your doll to wear. Using slightly tighter fabrics is helpful here, because once you’ve got them on, you can usually get the outer clothes on much easier.

Can Clothes Damage A Sex Doll?

Colours aren’t the only thing to look out for when you’re buying clothes for a sex doll. You should also pay attention to the weight and tightness of your doll’s clothes. Unlike human skin, which maintains its memory indefinitely, sex dolls’ skin can be permanently damaged.

This implies that tight garments, such as bras, stockings, corsets and straps, should be used sparingly. It’s all right to dress your dolls up in these clothes just before you take them to bed, but you shouldn’t leave that kind of outfit on the doll for long, or they could cause permanent indentation on your doll’s skin. The best thing you can do is buy a free size, and a loose, free fitting outfit for storage or day-to-day use.

Weight is a significant factor as well. Heavier clothing items like jeans or coats can cause problems based on how you store your doll. If you keep it lying down, on your bed or in a storage box, the extra weight of her clothes will press down on her skin. This can warp the skin over time. It may not be very noticeable on certain parts of the body, but on places like breasts and butt cheeks, things might look a little flat.

Other Things To Buy Along With Clothes

Clothes aren’t the only way you can change up your favourite sex doll’s look. If you want to make your doll look extra then you can add other stuff like makeup, and hair along with clothes to spice things up.

Wigs can take your doll’s outfit to the next level. You can buy different types of wigs to go with different costumes to make her look like your favourite video game or movie character with cool accessories.

Make-up is another easy way to accentuate your doll’s outfit. Especially customised wig and makeup with Japanese anime costumes, stockings, manga cosplay outfits and lingerie can transform your doll and make you fall in love with her.


Changing your sex dolls clothes can be a nice way of spicing things up in the bedroom. It can also serve as a refreshment to a doll’s appearance which is just as good as purchasing a new one! But a big problem that you can face when buying clothes for your sex doll is finding the right size among other problems. Moreover, there are so many fake sites online that sell faulty products, so it is also important to know the right sites and stores to buy the clothes from. Once, you know all that you just have to self-measure or refer to a size chart and then place your order. That is why we have done this comprehensive guide to help you buy clothes for your sex doll.

So, if you’re getting a bit bored with how your doll looks, think about all the different types of clothes with which you can change the way your doll look. And the best part is that it won’t even be too much of an effort.

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